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#645980 - 3rd Jan 2012 11:06am What Chippy
ilovecuba Offline

Registered: 26th Sep 2011
Posts: 62
Loc: wirral
this chippy used to named Michaels on the corner of saughall road opp tesco, it was a fab chippy years ago. Went there a while ago and thought it was quite poor so never went for a while until new years eve lunch time and the food was awful still with luke warm undercooked chips and flavourless chicken fried rice which had more ham than chicken. Deffo will never go there again. I think the best one around is at top of pasture ave or even better still wallasey village. Anyone else got good or bad which we can note down as its not a cheap meal any more so we should be getting quality for our money.

Edited by Mark (3rd Jan 2012 9:19pm)
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#645992 - 3rd Jan 2012 11:42am Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
reddragon Offline
Forum Guardian

Registered: 22nd Mar 2010
Posts: 3902
Loc: bromborough/wirral
the chippy by the bromborough Pub not reccomended you order egg fried rice and you get egg fried with a little extra ( and no not the halifax ) but a finger nail everyone was disgusted but me I was laughing my socks off you see it was my ex wifes meal raftl raftl raftl
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#645995 - 3rd Jan 2012 11:49am Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 16051
Loc: New Brighton
Hi Cuba, the one on grove rd is crap.

Happy garden in Wallasey village is a must, their foods great and they serve nice chips, always fresh and not rubbery like most chippys these days.

Mill lane chippy is nice but they put too much batter on the chicken pieces used in the sweet and sour chicken dish. (come to think of it it's the only chippy I've ever used that does put batter over the chicken)?

#646005 - 3rd Jan 2012 12:22pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
mikroc Offline
Wise One

Registered: 28th Dec 2011
Posts: 797
Loc: Out an about
Anns chippy on brassey street Birkenhead on the corner great food at a great price been ther 20 years so must be doing something right can also recommend. Choices bar on duke street they also deliver free
If he dies he dies

#646032 - 3rd Jan 2012 3:14pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
kimpri Offline

Forum Guardian

Registered: 29th Oct 2008
Posts: 3553
Loc: birkenhead
I'm sure Ann's been in the chippy for more than 20 years
fish and chips from Ann's
1 cod fish 2.20, large chips 1.00 = 3.20p

fish and chips from Choices bar duke st
1 cod fish 5.00,large chips 1.20 = 6.20 what a ripoff?

and there portions are half the size you get from Ann's chippy.
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#646038 - 3rd Jan 2012 3:33pm Re: What Chippy [Re: kimpri]
kittykat Offline

Registered: 1st Jan 2011
Posts: 178
Loc: Just here
Don't ever go to the Parkgate chippy!!! If anyone could see what goes on in the backyard they would never eat the fish from there ever again. The food is substandard and way overpriced yet they always have a queue of tourists out of the door!! They have been living off the previous owners awards for a while!

#646052 - 3rd Jan 2012 4:35pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
arsenal Offline

Registered: 8th Aug 2010
Posts: 111
Loc: birkenhead
i agree that ann's chippy in brassey street is one of the best.i havent had a liver dinner there for a while but it was lovely.choices used to be very good but now the're just ok

#646053 - 3rd Jan 2012 4:39pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
sandstorm Offline

Registered: 20th Jun 2011
Posts: 10
Loc: Bucks
I live down in Buckinghamshire now and they don't know what proper chips are. Every chippy under-cooks them to the point they look aneamic! Sausages are horrible, and they have never heard of a savory! The first thing I do when I come up to the Wirral is go to the chippy for my dinner!

#646067 - 3rd Jan 2012 5:14pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
cathie Offline

Registered: 19th Feb 2009
Posts: 448
Loc: Birkenhead
the chippy on Laird st, on it's own amongst a few closed down shops...looks a bit bombed out but they do THE best sausage and chips...I like my drowned in salt smile

#646068 - 3rd Jan 2012 5:15pm Re: What Chippy [Re: sandstorm]
hoseman Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 30th Sep 2007
Posts: 2346
Loc: Bromborough
Georgios in Claughton Village, every fish cooked fresh in front of you. They got a few round Wirral.


#646076 - 3rd Jan 2012 5:49pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
chev_chelios Offline
Wiki Guide

Registered: 30th Jul 2009
Posts: 5948
Loc: the village of wallasey
the bright spot chippy proper mingin

#646082 - 3rd Jan 2012 6:09pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
curzsport Offline

Registered: 26th Feb 2004
Posts: 7
Loc: Wirral
Baxters chippy by Moreton Cross has my vote followed by the chippy next to the bowling ally on New Brighton front.....


#646087 - 3rd Jan 2012 6:22pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
helenb234 Offline

Registered: 13th Nov 2011
Posts: 118
Loc: tranmere
Eastern delight on borough road is the nicest chippy on the Wirral

#646094 - 3rd Jan 2012 6:41pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
sean Offline

Registered: 26th Jun 2005
Posts: 541
Loc: prenton
best fish and chips EVER is from the chippy next to the shippons in irby

#646095 - 3rd Jan 2012 6:43pm Re: What Chippy [Re: ilovecuba]
TeamAJ Offline

Registered: 31st Jul 2011
Posts: 32
Loc: New Brighton
Golden sunrise on mount road Wallasey is immense for food but portion sizes have got really poor of late and it's still really popular which means you wait for up to an hour for footage. We tried as an alternative to this one, the one on seaview road at the junction with Queensland in Wallasey and it's beautiful. You stills can't beat the food at the golden sunrise and if you can overcome half portion sizes and 12 chips in a portion you will be fine. Everyone I know uses it and they deliver as far as upton!

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