MTV's reboot of the classic 1980s cult movie Teen Wolf. Scott is a typical high school student until one night he is bitten by a strange animal while walking in the woods. His best friend tries to help him understand the changes he's going through as he becomes a werewolf.

once scott is bitten he discoveries his becoming a werewolf but scott bestfriend stiles(dylan o'brien) help scott through his changes.scott also has help from derek(tyler hoechlin)who was born a werewolf.
tyler p.,tyler h.,and dyan have great chemistry since most of the scenes are with all of them.(the whole cast has great chemistry with another also)
scott starts to fall for this girl+ name allison(crystal reed)who scott soon discoveries her family is werewolf hunters.which causing problems for him and allison.
scott also as run into jackson(colton hayes) who cant stand scott.jackson is also dating the stuck up rich girl lydia(holland roden).

the show is very good
the truth is out there