Hi! I'm in need of a mini lean-to greenhouse for my pelargonium plants. They're in a plastic one at the moment, but I know it won't be up to the job of keeping them alive over a harsh, damp winter.

I need a fully enclosed one, (mine has a gap at the bottom,) and aluminium is preferred, (although I'll consider hardwood.) Also, it doesn't have to be new, and I don't mind if it needs some cosmetic work doing to it. As long as it'll be able to keep out the icy cold and damp.

My current unit is 35" width by 68" high but I'd like my new unit to be slightly wider and much taller. Measurements of the unit I'd like; 40" width by (up to) 88" high.

I hope someone can help me, I'll consider all offers. Thank you!