Thomson DSI 8215

writeup and specs:

The Thomson DSI 8215 HD has a 160gb hard drive and is specially designed for all Skys UK digital satellite services. It has a very sensitive tuner and is the ideal choice for weaker signal areas.

HDTV offers a steep change in picture quality, delivering a home viewing experience similar to that offered in cinemas. Viewers will see greater depth and tone of colours and textures. The improved clarity of HDTV broadcasts will bring an even greater sense of excitement and drama to a wide range of programme genres. HDTV can provide more than four times more data on a display screen than a Standard Definition broadcast. This is because of the increased picture resolution that HD broadcasts deliver and HD display devices will be able to receive.

This digibox brings you a cinema like experience with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and amazing Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality. Also including a 160GB hard drive allowing you to record approximately 150 hours of digital TV.

To watch HD, you must have a HD-ready or compatible TV and a Sky subscription (10 p/month in addition to monthly subscription costs). You can opt out of the 10 per month payment if you do not require the full HD subscription channels, in this case you would still be able to watch the other free channels including BBC HD.

Please note that a SkyHDdigibox requires two separate cable connections from your satellite dish. This means that your dish needs to be fitted with either a Twin or a Quad LNB. If the LNB on your dish only has one output port on it then you will have to upgrade your LNB.

It is possible to upgrade the hard disk drive for larger capacity and to provide more recording hours.

This box does will work with the Sky Anytime TV service.

BSkyB Thomson DS18215 Specifications

DVB-S2 demodulation capability used for HD transponders
300 gb hard drive - 160gb for customer recordings, 140gb reserved for future use
v90 ( 56k bps) Modem
128Mb General RAM and32 MB Decode RAM
Digital Optical Output - supporting Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital to Dolby Prologic for other outputs
MPEG2 / MPEG4 Decoder
PAL i UHF Modulator (channel21 -69 controlled by software) with 2 RF outputs (one capable of providing 9v to power TV link and accept remote commands)
HDMI connector
Component Video - Y pb pr TV SCART (composite video out, RGB in)
VCR SCART (composite video in / out RGB in)
S- Video output (permanently on )
RJ11 telephone socket
left and right Phono outputs
2 ISO 7816 compatible Smartcard Slots
2 USB ports (1 front and 1 rear) reserved for future use
2 cooling fans 1 in base, 1 on front left side of box
RJ45 / Ethernet socket - reserved for future use
SATA interface - reserved for Future use
Weight 5.0kg
Dimensions Width 380mm, Depth 243mm, Height 72m

Comes boxed with power and HDMI leads, no remote.

I dont have Sky anymore, so this is sold untested, but I have no reason to believe there is any problems with this.


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