Noise + cruzin
Right, i know i like my music on full belt all the time, but if we want to get general members of the public to like us we need to respect their rights. this is a little info on noise pollution. Bear with me, i feel it needs to be mentioned.

Up until a sound level of 80dB no damage to the hearing will occur. At a constant sound of 80dB sound is annoying, but steady exposure to noise above 80dB can be potentially dangerous. If sounds reach above 140dB the eardrum could burst. Many household appliances are loud enough to be in the 85 - 90dB range for aexample a vacuum cleaner at 85dB or a chain saw at 100dB. Teenagers are at a very high risk of damage to hearing because they are exposed to very high sound levels for hours at a time. Walkmen and personal CD players are very popular and playing them too loud can cause noise induced hearing loss. Also jogging or cycling with a walkman or personal CD player can be dangerous if the volume is too loud because this will cause adrenaline to be produced which will limit oxygen delivery to the ear and blood flow may become restricted causing the ear to be damaged. Shooting is another activity which can be damaging to the ear if earplugs are not worn as the sound of a gunshot can be as loud as 140dB.

“Any sound, that has the potential to cause disturbance,
discomfort or psychological stress to a subject exposed to it, or
any sound, that could cause actual physiological harm to a
subject exposed to it, or physical damage to any structure
exposed to it, is known as noise.”

How Noisy Can It Get?
The EPA accepts that in a modern world, noise is almost ubiquitous.
Many normal everyday activities lead to the production of sounds,
some of which are regarded as noise. Noise from traffic, lawnmowers,
household appliances, concerts, industrial activities and so on, are
considered commonplace. In most cases the majority of people
scarcely notice these noises and are not bothered by them, but in some
cases people can perceive noise as a nuisance. Such people may be
more sensitive than others, or may find themselves in particularly noisy
situations, or may be annoyed by noise because they want to sleep, or
relax in a quiet atmosphere. In some cases, noise may present such a
nuisance as to actually bring about a negative effect on the health of
those exposed to it.

DBA Description
  • 0 Absolute silence.
  • 25 Very quiet room.
  • 35 Rural night-time setting. No wind.
  • 55 Day-time, busy roadway 0.5 km away.
  • 70 Busy restaurant.
  • 85 Very busy pub. Voice has to be raised to be heard.
  • 100 Disco or rock concert.
  • 120 Uncomfortably loud. Conversation impossible.
  • 140 Noise causing pain in ears.

Just bear this in mind, i must be getting old. im sorry i dont know what came over me.