This boat is huge! it is 6 ft long and 3 and a half ft tall.

The boat was purchased abroad and shipped back to the UK, it is very rare to see one of these in the UK. It is a model of the 1911 France II, the largest ship in the fleet at the time.

The ship ran aground in New Caledonia in 1922 and remained there for the next 20 years. In 1944 the American airforce used it as target practice for their bombers which completely destroyed the ship. The france II was regarded as the greatest tall ship of all time.

The model is in very good condition but could do with some minor attention to her rigging, there is a lot of it on this ship and some of it could do with tidying up. It just requires man hours.

The ship is for Sale by my father in law, it was to big for his house and has sadly been sat in a storage room for the last few years.

The ship can be yours for 300 ono, it is very heavy and a real piece of craftsmanship.

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