Built this lot up over the years, but no longer have the space and have to say goodbye to my big stuff as I'm moving away in the year. I don't buy crap and all the stuff was researched before buying and has never let me down. Out on here before the mighty bay of e.

Marshall MOSFET Lead 100 head with 1965 A & B upright and angled cabinets. Extremely loud and typical Marshall sound. Head is solid state and precursor to the Valvestate amps. Check youtube for reviews, they're highly rated. Built in the early 80's. 500

Rockcase rack mounted carry case - mounts 4 racks, very well built, has never been taken out of the house - 45

Racks (all bought brand new):
Boss GL-100 preamp - 50 - excellent, clean solid state preamp
ART Multiverb effects unit - 60 - about 100 settings for delay/reverb, etc.
Marshall 9000 preamp - 50 - Can't remember if this is transister or single valve? Haven't used much.
Marshall Valvestate power amp - 100 - Superb amp - two knobs, works excellent with Marshall pre-amps

I have two more racks I'll put up.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor - 40 - Adjustable threshold noise gate. It cuts the sound smoothly when not needed (ie. in between not playing). Used to avoid earth buzz/feedback, very versatile.

Boss HM2 Heavy Metal - 40 - Beefy distortion pedal, can produce simple over drive or tube-amp style grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Digitech Whammy Pedal - 150 - sought after pedal. Much fun, variable pitchshifter. Pedal bends the pitch up and down. Also has a harmoniser. The best pedal ever made. laugh
Example in use

"C20 LET bang"