Hi all,
I just wanted to thank everybody who went down to the kennels due to the artcile in the wirral news last week. Hundreds of people have been down there to donate and that is just AMAZING!!!If you want to help, please join our facebook group "Friends of Birkenhead Counil Kennels". We will keep you updated.
Currently we are running out of storage space (!), if you want to donate, please wait a few weeks. We can take dry dog food "Dr John Silver", Larton's stock it but most other petshops can order it in for you. Tinned dog food can be of any make. We can also take cheques now, please make payable to "Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels" and send to the dog pound on Corporation Road. If you want to help, either contact us on facebook or email fobck@live.co.uk. Here is also a link with the council kennels website:

Please continue to support us and thank you again! smile
Antje and Gill