2k can get some pics for interested people

EK 1.8 VTi in nighthawk black, half leather interior. 35mm lNwered suspension. 143,000 miles

engine = B18C4 4/1797cc), derived from the Acura Integra GSR in the States. The GSR is B18C1, The teg R is B18C5.
167 Bhp/7600
122 Lb ft/6300

1st 40
2nd 65
3rd 93
4th 120
5th 137+

1187 kg
143 Bhp/ton
8.3 0-60
139 mph
group 15
32.1 mpg
S reg.
94k at purchase
Chassis No. SHH MB6 730 WU 00 4876
wheels :- 195/55 R15
PCD = 114.3/4, ET 55 , Same as Prelude Gen4
model code = MB6
servicing code = JY1
Brake Discs = 21mm thick 13inch diameter ventilated (and warped!)
Reg S466 OSB

New rear wheel bearings. 94K
New plugs at 100K
New clutch at 108K (oops!)
Gear box oil changed at 108K
New centre section 122k
New cambelt 122k
new front tyres at 125k, fronts moved to back.
+loads more to date.

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