At the weekend I picked up a "new" (factory reconditioned) iPhone from the Apple Store over in "Liverpool One" as a replacement for one of mine which had failed whilst under warranty.
The phone is not under contract and has not been used other than to connect to iTunes to unlock it so it can be used on ANY network. This phone is not Jailbroken it is a genuine network unlock and will not relock if you sync it with iTunes or upgrade to OS4 (which is terrible and stopped half my apps working properly on my other iPhone).
The plastic cover they are wrapped in is still on the phone and it is unmarked and unused. I am keeping the charger and headphones which are obviously used from my origional phone, but will supply the buyer with replacement USB Mains/Car adapter and Data Cable, along with headphones. These will be new and boxed but NOT genuine Apple products.
These go for silly money on eBay, especially Unlocked, but I think £275 is a fair price if you want it.
This phone is unmarked, unused and comes with the remainder of the 90 day warranty Apple supply on replacement units, this is transferrable.