Well ive always downloaded new things to try out it was kind of a hobbie of mine seeing how things worked and generally just seeing what the new piece of software did.. Know download is not advertising a New piece of software or is it stating that this piece of software is out of this world its basically saying give it ago as there no harm cause all you do is uninstall.. Anyway enough blabbling lets get on to the download..

Download of the week is downloaded at you own risk and installed at your own risk if you are in doubt then dont install it.. Check the installation with a virus checker first always do a recent system restore so if you cant get back to your system after installing download of the week then you can do a system restore to revert back and all is good.. And finnaly again i'll say if you are in doubt and do not want to install then dont..

Well i havnt updated this for a while ive been working my little sox off and have no time to come online much and sit down and try something out.. Well this week is a recommendation from a friend who states that this piece of software scans your computer for Drivers and installs the ones that you do not have.. I have tried this out and it does exactly what it says on the tin it finds updates for your computer so for example if you have a computer with an unknown driver download this and it will search the net for the driver and install it for you. So give it ago and remember be careful cause it updates other stuff as well so just choose cautiously. Remember hate it ? Uninstall it smile

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