Supercharged XFR tops XJ220's long-standing record

Jaguar announced yesterday that the new XFR had become its fastest car ever at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah – and now we have the video. The car – powered by the all-new AJ-V8 Gen III engine – hit 225.675mph, beating Jaguar's previous speed record of 217.1mph (349.4 km/h) set in the XJ220 in 1992.

Paul Gentilozzi – the owner of Rocketsports Racing who successfully led the Jaguar XKR to five series victories between 2001 and 2006 in the Trans Am series in the USA – drove the 600bhp car on the record-breaking run.

The footage, with its Oasis soundtrack, is not the last word in informative documentary making, but who cares – the car looks cool.

Running with minor aerodynamic and safety modifications to meet the requirements for a Bonneville run, the 225mph top speed was achieved with additional horsepower liberated by a remapped ECU, a modified air intake and exhaust system and revised supercharger settings.

No internal engine components were changed and the six-speed automatic transmission was standard, including the gear ratios.

Gentilozzi said of the run last November: ‘During my career, I've raced worldwide from the southern tip of New Zealand to Le Mans. Along the way, I have been privileged to drive and own so many exciting cars but I've never driven one that was as exciting to drive fast as this Jaguar.’


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