Loeb triumphs in Rally of Germany

Loeb claimed a seventh straight win in the Rally of Germany
Sebastien Loeb won his seventh straight Rally of Germany title to get back on track for a record fifth consecutive world drivers' championship.

Loeb, 34, completed the 19-stage event in three hours, 26 minutes, 20.3 seconds to finish 47.4 seconds ahead of Citroen team-mate Daniel Sordo.

The Frenchman's victory lifted him back on top of the drivers' standings, four points clear of Finn Mikko Hirvonen.

Hirvonen came fourth, 1:19.7 adrift, while Francois Duval was third.

Loeb and Spain's Sordo eased off through Sunday's five stages, culminating in a sprint through Trier's city centre, leaving Belgian Duval and Hirvonen to battle it out for the last podium place.

BBC Sport Report

Its getting out of hand now. I hate it when one person dominates a sport. The only reason loeb is winning, is because he has the easiest car to drive. I also Blame him for the way that rallying has become less about going sideways, and being as smooth as possible. He brings Tarmac techniques to all surfaces....

Please Please Please do something about, thats the reason why the WRC is losing viewers, that and the fact its no longer on mainstream tv.

What do you think??