Just wondering folks... personally I have had Sky+ since of 2003 and wouldnt want to live without it. Although towards the end of last year my box was starting to fail after 4 years hard work, and found the internet (UK Nova, BBC iPlayer etc) and my SuperVHS recorder a good comprimise, I was sooooo glad when Sky came and replaced it for me for free.

If they hadnt have done, I was certain about going out and buying a TopupTV Anytime PVR just for the PVR functions.

Imho, Sky+ has changed my life and is the biggest and best revolution in television since the launch of colour TV (lets face it, although TiVo was the pioneer of PVR's, it was really tatty interface and useability wise). No longer do people have to be restricted by schedule's, we can watch programme's when we want to and in crystal clear digital quality. We can timeskip (pause, fast forward, rewind) live television, fast forward through adverts and on most PVR's we can even record multiple programmes at the same time!

All this can be gained for as little as 60 nowadays, even free if you have a Sky Digital subscription or a BT Broadband subscription...

So do you use one? If so, what one? Since when? Do you agree it has completely changed the way you view TV?

Please take part in the poll smile

For the best result's, although some of the system's listed are Freeview PVR's, they are based upon different services etc (BT Vision require BT Broadband for instance), so a Freeview PVR is, in this instance, defined as any generic system, not listed.
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