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BBC One controller Peter Fincham has resigned from the corporation over his handling of a misleading trailer for The Queen.

On July 11, Fincham presented a trailer to journalists for the RDF-produced documentary in which the monarch appeared to storm out of a photo shoot with photographer Annie Lebowitz. He told the media press corps that the Queen was depicted "walking out in a huff"; however, the trailer had been edited out of sequence by RDF.

A report into the scandal penned by former BBC executive Will Wyatt was issued this afternoon and heavily criticised Fincham for a delayed response. According to Wyatt, "the first sign that something was wrong came early in the afternoon of July 11", when an executive producer at RDF told a series publicist that the Queen's appearance of storming off didn't "sound right". At 6pm, senior figures at RDF were aware of the mistake and by 7pm, Fincham had been informed. Critically, however, Fincham failed to inform the press of the error until the following day, by which time the story had run in national newspapers and on the BBC's own news services.

Maybe BBC One will start getting things right now lol. Actually the channel has been improving anyway recently, so will be a shame if it goes down the pan again lol.

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