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An atoll in the South Pacific has come up with a novel way of making money via its domain name .TK.

Tokelau may only have 1,500 inhabitants and be a two-day boat trip from its nearest neighbour but selling its .TK domain is reaping benefits.

The Dutch entrepreneur who bought the address now offers a free domain name service in return for targeted ads.

The deal has allowed Tokelau to add 10% to its GDP as well as gain PCs and net access for residents.

Excellent read and very nice story. I remembered having a couple of .tk's about 6 years ago. The service was actually very good, and as it was a proper ccTLD, which at the time was rare for lesser know domains, it was an excellent choice for a freebie.

I seem to recall you could remove the banner ads years ago too lol.

384Kbps satellite shared between 200 computers serving 1500 people.... the speeds must be insanely slow, but the good thing is they will never know any different so it will be fine for them.

Im surprised they are not running at a couple of Mbps downstream at least, I can understand the upstream being slow as its expensive via sat.

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