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The world owes a debt to the United States for its leadership in the fight against international terrorism, Gordon Brown has said.

The prime minister described the link with the US as the UK's "most important bilateral relationship" ahead of his first talks with President George Bush.

A foreign office minister had suggested the two countries would no longer be "joined at the hip" on foreign policy.

Analysts will be looking for signs of Labour distancing itself from the US.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Brown was "walking a tightrope" in his dealings with America.

Make of that what you will, apparently we should all see the US as our gods according to Brown. When Blair went, I was hoping Brown may see sense and realise that the US are the main reason terrorism is so rife in the world nowadays and distance himself and our country from the US and start gaining back some self respect for the country, but instead he seems to be greasing up the Bush and aiming for penetration, just like Blair did.

Fookin Labour absolutely suck the lot of em, since they came into power, this country has gone from being a nation who were seriously respected and had a strong influence upon the European Union (the downright cheeky things Thatcher and Major pushed for in EU talks, and actually came away with), to a country that has barely any influence upon and gets laughed at by Europe and bends over to be raped by the US freely.

Brown for Britain - more like Brown for Bush!

We aint nothin but the 51st state under Labour! mad mad

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