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Virgin Media is reportedly talking to IMG Media regarding the launch of a sports news channel.

According to Broadcast, IMG's production arm TWI has pitched for the contract, along with news broadcaster ITN. The negotiations are being handled by Reel Enterprises, a company specialising in rights management and channel development.

TWI, the makers of long-running Channel 4 programme, TransWorld Sport, is the world's largest independent producer and distributor of sports programming.

Virgin Media is thought to still be in talks with Setanta Sports, which has previously been linked to the deal.

Insiders at the cable provider say that the channel is likely to be launched by the end of the year. It would be a replacement for Sky Sports News, which was removed from the platform as part of Virgin Media's ongoing carriage dispute with Sky.

What a co-incidence, I was only talking about this before in the Virgin 1 thread. I personally can't wait to see their attempt at a sports news channel, it will be laughable.

It was bad enough when they were in talks with Setanta over the production of the channel, but TWI is absolutely hilarious lmao! Something tell's me Setanta wanted too high a price for their services and Virgin Media being the NTL Telewest they are, will want it to be done on the ultra-cheap.


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