The BBC has published the Director-General's report on its use of premium rate phone services.

The report highlighted "grave mistakes" and "serious errors of judgement" in the Blue Peter phone-in scandal, criticised mistakes made during an edition of Saturday Kitchen, and acknowledged licence fee payers felt "let down" and "disappointed."

BBC Trust's chairman Sir Michael Lyons said: "The errors which occurred around the Blue Peter programme on 27 November last year were particularly serious as they resulted in children being misled to participate in a competition they had no chance of winning and in a child in the studio being involved in deceiving the audience. These grave mistakes were compounded by serious errors of judgement in not referring the matter to senior management."

"The case of Saturday Kitchen has also revealed flaws which, in the view of the Trust, resulted in viewers being misled into believing that they were calling a live programme," Lyons added. The cookery show was had asked viewers to phone a premium-rate number for the chance to appear on the following week's show, with the next show recorded immediately afterwards.

Hmmm how about offering refunds to the people that were "misled" and paid 35p to phone the competition lines??

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