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Booming sales of laptops, printers and servers helped Hewlett Packard (HP) beat Wall Street profit forecasts for the three months to 30 April.

The world's biggest maker of PCs earned $1.78bn (900m) - or 65 cents per share - slightly down from $1.9bn at the same time last year.

However, the company put the dip down to a big tax gain which was recorded in the same period last year.

Looking ahead, HP expects to rack up a record $100bn in sales this year.

Sales in the quarter rose 13% to $25.53bn as demand for personal computers, including laptops and servers soared.

In its lucrative imaging and printing group, revenues also rose 6% to $7.2bn.

Tis good see HP doing well, they make some wonderful products and are one of the few manufacturers of PC's I would buy.


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