Ground pounder Subs

Ground Pounder Subwoofers

Thirsting for the awesome Ground Pounder Amplifiers to power your system? Then you will need a subwoofer to handle that awesome brute force. The hard working Crunch engineering team labored long to bring you the new Ground Pounder Subwoofer Series. Sheer strength, performance and great looks makes this the finest dual voice-coil subwoofer series Crunch USA has ever offered.

Blue Illuminated Cone
Let the night come, then open your trunk, and watch em' come running. The bangin' Ground Pounder subwoofer sounds will pull them over. Then the mesmerizing glow of the blue cones will make them wish they had Ground Pounder Series DVC woofers too. The Ground Pounder woofers feature a sonically pure, translucent glass Kevlar dust cap and cone, illuminated by our patented SoundLight TM LED light pump technology. This high-rigidity composite subwoofer cone provides deep rich bass flawlessly. So, whether you are bumpin' or listening critically, Ground Pounder Subwoofers are what you need.

Versatility and Big Power
Ground Pounders come in 10's, 12's and a 15-inch DVC subwoofer designs. The GP Series come in 10's and 12's in a DVC dual 2-ohm or DVC dual 4-ohm configurations for multiple woofer applications. This flexibility enables you to choose a Ground Pounder DVC design that fits your amplifier requirements to hit full power. The heart of the Ground Pounder Subwoofer Series centers around a 2.5" flat wire wound dual voice-coil and a heat dissipating aluminum voice-coil former. The extended long throw design works well in sealed boxes and really hits hardest in ported enclosures.

Below is a list of the available subs, power ratings and price.

GP10D2 - 10" 2 ohm 1000W MAX 500W nominal 2 ohm RRP 99

GP10D4 - 10" 4 ohm 1000W MAX 500W nominal 4 ohm RRP 99

GP12D2 - 12" 2ohm 1200W MAX 600W nominal 2ohm RRP 99

GP12D4 - 12" 4ohm 1200W MAX 600W nominal 4 ohm RRP 99

GP15D2 - 15" 4 ohm 1400W MAX 700W nominal 2 ohm RRP 119

Groundpounder amps

Ground Pounder Amplifiers For Sound Quality and SPL

Crunch's flagship Ground Pounder Amplifiers are leading examples of "best of class" car audio amplifiers, in addition to being one of today's best auto-sound values for style and performance. Owning a Ground Pounder Series amplifier will not empty your bank account, because all Ground Pounder's are very reasonably priced.

Experience the feeling of real power with Ground Pounder's A/B-Class designs featuring multi-function digital VU meters, fully adjustable crossovers, and wire-hiding end caps. The Ground Pounder amplifiers are available in three configurations to satisfy your entire car audio desires. Ground Pounder's come in two-channel, four-channel, and mono-block designs for earth pounding bass. Clearly, this is Crunch USA's best amp series ever.

Multi-Color Digital VU Display With Analog Sweep Simultaneously Displays:

Decibel/dB Output
System Operating Voltage
Amplifier Temperature
1 & 2-Ch GP Amplifiers Have Single VU Display
4-Ch GP Amplifiers Have Dual VU Display
All Ground Pounder Amplifiers Feature:

Ultra-Clean A/B-Class HQ Amplifier Designs
Bridgeable Designs: All 2-Ch & 4-Ch
1/2/4-Ohm Capable: GP 1600.1 Only
4-Ch Amps configure into 3-Ch Mode for R & L and Sub
Dual-Core MOSFET Power Supply Design
High-Grade MOSFET Audio Outputs
Remote Bass Control Included
Amp Protection with Diagnostics LED's
Digital VU Meter(s) Display
Decibel/dB Output
System Operating Voltage
Amplifier Temperature
Dual Sound Shaping Controls*
12 dB Bass Boost
Mono/Stereo Switch
HP/LP/Full-Pass Crossover Selections
Crossover Frequency Adjustments:
(50Hz to 250Hz for all multi-ch amps)
(40Hz to 150Hz Low-Pass GP 1600.1)
* Exception: GP 1600.1 is Low-pass only & Adds An Adjustable Subsonic Filter 15-55Hz
Input Level Control (0.2-5V or 6V for GP 1600.1)
RCA Inputs & Line Outputs
Removable Amplifier End Caps
Oversized Speaker Terminals
"Powered By Maxxsonics" Technology

Below is a list of the amps available, power outputs and price.

2 Channel

2 x 100, 2 x 200 - 400W RRP 129

2 x 275, 2 x 550 - 1100W RRP 169

4 Channel

4 x 110, 2 x 220 - 440W RRP 149

4 x 220, 2 x 440 - 880W RRP 169

4 x 350, 2 x 700 - 1400W RRP 209

Mono block

1x500, 1x1000, 1x1600W RRP 209

Prices exclude P&P (delivery to member meets would be free of course!)