This section will go over the differences in ECU modifications.

Unichip (Live mapped)

Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system which
allows optimized fuel and ignition parameters to be
channelled through a vehicle's standard EngineControlunit (ECU)
to deliver maximum power, optimized driveability and improved
fuel economy.

Unlike other performance chips, the Unichip is not a
replacement pre programmed "one size fits all" chip.
Unichip works in harmony with the standard ECU and is mapped
live on your engine to obtain the safest maximum power,
torque and optimum fuel economy.

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance.
Significant gains in torque and power across the entire RPM
range are possible. In addition, the engine will be smoother,
deliver greater response and maximize fuel efficiency at all
RPM and throttle positions. A second reason is to harness the
performance value of engine and exhaust modifications.

Standard engine management systems are not programmed to cater
for exhaust headers, cat back exhaust systems, high flow air
cleaners,performance cams or larger turbos and intercoolers.

A down point to a live mapped system is the cost to get it set
up (Dastek charge 470) and the other fact that everytime you
add a new engine modification you will need it 're-mapping'
so that the ECU can reconise the new 'mod' is present and
gain the most it can.

'Chipped' ECU's
such as Superchips but there are other companies also.

Taken from
Non Turbo (normally aspirated engine) cars
Superchip's re-mapping of the on board computer gives up to
10% more power. Other annoying traits such as hesitation
and poor throttle response, that can occur on
computer-controlled cars, are eliminated making the car more
lively and responsive. This makes in-town driving a pleasure,
requiring less gear changing with a smooth and progressive
engine response.

Turbo cars
There are impressive gains of up to 25% more power and
torque. Driving pleasure is increased through less gear
changing and you will feel that your car is more lively and
responsive. Superchips do this by increasing the
manufacturer's boost limit. And with the reprogrammed
computer matching the car's ignition timing and fuelling,
long term reliability of the engine is retained.

Turbocharged Diesel cars
Superchip's reprogramming of the computer matches the
fuelling to the increased manufacturer's boost pressure,
giving impressive gains of up to 30% more torque and more
power. This adds to driving pleasure, requiring less gear
changing, making the car more lively and responsive.
There is also the potential for improved fuel economy.

This is an easy alternative as these are design mainly as
a 'plug in' chip so you get instant new settings that are
designed to gain you the max performance and fuel
consumption as standard Manufactor settings are design for
comfprt of drive, load and weight depending and to reduce
things such as engine wear/tear and service intervals.

A down point to this is the 'chip' is an off the shelf
job and caiters for that engine spec from when it was
first made, every engine is different with regards to how
its been drove, miles its covered, services and parts etc
so therefore the chip is not 'individualised'

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