Seen a few saxos going around with flushed tailgates, so with this in mind and i quiet like the smoothed look, i took it upon myself to set up a remote boot opening system.
I thought it would be a easy job, boy was i mistaken.

To go with the smooth look i decided to remove the rear wiper arm and washer jet. This improved the look greatly, but to be functional if i am going to flush the rear i needed a way to open the thing.

So i went scrap yarding for spare bits, i needed a boot solenoid. 6 Solenoid later and a few sparks i found one that would work.

To save time and effort of chasing wires through the car i figured that i aint got a rear wiper, so i could use those wires and the switch on the wiper stalk.

A bit of messing about and i got the solenoid mounted in the correct place, powered it up and the boot opened, i was over the moon.

I went to close it and the stupid thing wouldnt close becouse the solenoid wouldn't de energise, to re engage the lock. Bugger!!

a small brain wve later the bodger in me came out, i hooked up an elastic band to pull the solenoid back to the original position after the switch was returned.

In all it took me 2 weeks and only cost about 5 but it was well worth it.

All i need to do is to save up the money to get the boot smoothed.

Watch this space.