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Please don't turn this into another political debate. This is a good thing for Wirral. Down town is in a right state and this is a positive thing to turn that around ffs.

"The Town Deal, which saw Wirral Council being awarded £25m for a range of transformative regeneration projects in Birkenhead, will allow NML to create the new 5000 square metre attraction as part of regeneration plans"

Its a positive thing if it is truly sustainable, if it isn't sustainable it is a waste of money (but the developers and financiers will do alright out of it).

Another museum opening despite our track record of closing many museums.

A new plot of land being tidied up despite our track record of them ending up as either drop-out zones or going unmaintained.

The majority of the problem is not the Council, its the micromanagement and cuts by Central Government whose prime objective is to extract money from wherever they can to pass it on to developers and financiers etc.

I'm not against the basic concept of this project by any means, but when other essential services are not only being cut but also devastated, this is clearly not a priority. We have loads of parks and green space on the Wirral, we apparently have a shortage of urban building land and transport routes.

It is going to be unpoliceable, it is going to be unsustainable, we can't magic money and policemen from nowhere when the Council is in a position of continual cuts and more compulsory spending.

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