Kenwood KR-V6050 5x65 watts hifi receiver with tuner and phono input, remote
This beefy amp puts out 65 watts per channel into stereo or 5-channel surround sound, and comes with the original dedicated remote control. Decent sound quality and plenty of features.
Features include integral AM/FM stereo tuner, phono input for turntables and a tape loop, headphone socket and comprehensive tone/loudness sound processing.
Cheap way to get powerful hifi amp with vinyl capability and remote.
The on-board volume control is a bit loose, but works fine, and you can use the volume on the remote control which has no issues at all
Collection from Wirral/Wrexham available or delivery possible.
£50 to buy or if you just want a nice powerful amp for a party, rather than risk blowing up your expensive hifi, I will rent it out for a weekend at £10, just pay the full price on collection and get £40 back on returning it within 48 hours in good working order! Can also supply a 3.5mm jack to phono cable so you can play your hone/laptop through it. Or even a Bluetooth receiver.
Phone Monty 07400111443

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