Good match, Sock has been crawling up the rankings and continues to improve and gave Federer a good fight.

Federer looks like he has lost a bit of weight and so has to put more effort into his shots which means he has lost some of his characteristic smooth control. Love the way he still lets a shot hang allowing him to see which way his opponent commits the a quick wrist flick sees it off.

Sock is very good 80% of the time but needs to concentrate on his consistency. Has a tendency to throw games away when he gets close to winning, I don't think its nerves so much as excitement, twice he was on 40 and put it into deuce by serving straight into the net and double faulting. I'm sure we will see a lot more out of him in the future, the one thing he has been consistent with is improvement. He's not out the tournament yet. It will be interesting if this match makes him or breaks him, he demonstrated when his ire is up he can demolish opponents.

Tennis isn't a game I enjoy playing, too much impact on joints that I have abused in the past and I find it a bit slow to play, but I really enjoy watching it.

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