The new rules for Universal Credit start today. Universal Credit was promoted as being a fairer system to those in employment and to encourage people to work more hours but now the in-work payments are being cut.

So yet again a big con has been implemented, when UC was proposed I ran through the figures and could see nothing wrong with it, some people would benefit, it was less punishing to those that wanted to increase their part time hours. Now its been introduced they have completely changed the figures - it is no longer what they said it was.

Its been one big PR exercise, the majority of benefit claimants are not on Universal Credit, they are still on the old ESA/JSA/HB/WTC system.

Even amongst new claimants many are not put on Universal Credit because it has not been fully implemented as yet, there are a number of circumstances where it is not applicable. Current predictions are the Universal Credit will not be fully implement until 2021, another 5 years.

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