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16yrs : Happy Birthday Wikiwirral
by Mark. 11th Nov 2019 1:18pm
by GillDennis. 5th Nov 2019 5:53pm
God, the Universe and all that.
by Fidelio. 29th Oct 2019 6:15pm
Voting ID
by casper. 28th Oct 2019 9:33am
New Wirral History
WW2 Bomb Map - Wallasey
by red_devil. 9th Nov 2019 12:21am
New York Times on Birkenhead Park / Central Park
by yoller. 7th Nov 2019 1:50pm
Birds House
by GillDennis. 7th Nov 2019 12:49pm
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 7:55pm
Storeton Hall
by Rhoobarb. 9th Oct 2011 10:58am
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Heaters on Renault Modus
by diggingdeeper. 12th Nov 2019 1:02am
New Brighton Latest Art Installation
by Davenorman. 11th Nov 2019 10:15pm
WW2 Bomb Map - Wallasey
by locomotive. 11th Nov 2019 7:12pm
Cheap skip hire
by spgb1a. 11th Nov 2019 5:50pm
70 Arab Arms
by diggingdeeper. 11th Nov 2019 4:16pm
HMS Bronington Battleship (Minesweeper) M1115
by KevinFinity. 9th Nov 2019 11:19pm
Brexit Transition
by red_devil. 9th Nov 2019 7:05pm
3 series E90 Front Coil Spring
by conan. 9th Nov 2019 3:03pm
The Last of Us Ps3 game
by ultimate. 9th Nov 2019 2:49pm
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Japanese Autumn Festival 26th October
by Touchstone. 20th Oct 2019 7:43pm
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3 hours ago
I guess you mean the heater fan keeps going off and on, the fault is the blower motor resistor pack or its connector. If its the connector you will probably need an auto electrician to replace the connector, if its the only resistor pack you might be able to replace it yourself or get an amateur to do it.

Being intermittent my bet is on the connector but you might need to replace both depending on how much heat damage there is (it melts).

Please don't go to a main dealer for a price, its dangerous.
1 46 Read More
Local News
Yesterday at 10:15 PM
I think the Wirral Globe needs to do a report on the “work force” actually completing some of these projects - screaming and shouting until 1am - just giving them licence to think they run the area whilst the actual hard workers need to stay awake hoping to get a rest after work. Was good at first but I’ve lost all respect for it now.
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Wirral History
Yesterday at 07:12 PM
excellent maps ,but there's a lot of damage missing, particularly top of Oxton Road and Cartnforth Street.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
Yesterday at 05:50 PM
Thank you
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
Yesterday at 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by uggla
Same here i can never view photo's, wandering if they is a setting in a need to change on the page
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National News
9th Nov 2019 7:05pm
my vote is in protest at the childish antics of the Tories, Labour, Libtards and SNP over the past 3 years. Houses of Kindergarten would be more appropriate. and I would never vote labour, commies in all but name. And the fraud going on - well, thats another thread.
18 2,369 Read More
9th Nov 2019 3:03pm
Is there anyone able to fit a new coil spring on my car please.
I have the part and need it doing ASAP if possible.
Thanks in advance 👍
0 59 Read More
For Sale - Items
9th Nov 2019 2:49pm
0 43 Read More
Wirral Council
9th Nov 2019 12:45am
Phil says you must pay for his golf course. WBC is a rip off and always will be until the voters open their eyes
8 1,979 Read More
Gadgets & Tech
9th Nov 2019 12:26am
I have Virgin Media Router 3; very powerful. But the pc is a lot faster when plugged in with an RJ45 cable from router to pc. I also have a tablet and laptop which use wireless and are also quite fast. My mobile, when at home has zero delay. I appreciate this is an ancient thread, but thought about an update as todays VM routers knock the opposition into touch. I am on 400MBps and over. #Dont believe the opposition, the Govt ruled that any claims to beat VM are lies and companies are not allowed to 'brag' .
12 549 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
8th Nov 2019 9:21pm
Hello! I can't seem to download the attached photos - are you able to send by PM or contact me by email? My great granddad ran the Arab Arms and the Lord Raglan Hotels for a time. Thank you!
7 2,472 Read More
For Sale - Items
8th Nov 2019 8:53am
This lot consists of the following unopened Static Dapol plastic locomotive kits (as pictured).

C009 Deltic Diesel Locomotive
C026 0-4-0 T BR Pug
C047 BR Railbus (slight tear to cardboard packing)
C049 92220 Evening Star
C060 204 HP 0-6-0 Drewry Shunter

All still sealed, unused condition & never opened so assumed as complete as when they left the factory.

0 64 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
7th Nov 2019 10:58pm
The Beer Keg (formerly The White Lounge) has a planning application to turn it into retail units.
1 1,088 Read More
Wirral History
7th Nov 2019 5:27pm
It is highly unlikely such a tunnel exists, the church was built around 1900 so any tunnel would not have been built earlier than this, there was also considerable difficulty in raising funds to build the church.

As it would be substantially under roads the council would have needed to approve such a structure in that era, additionally it would be going underneath a number of other buildings unless it veered considerably from its near 100m direct line.

I can't immediately see any records of quarrying in that area so the sandstone is probably not of good enough quality for tunnelling safely. A quarry that close to the docks/river would be quite desirable. Nor are there any records of landfill usage which could be taken as an indication of quarrying.

It sounds typical of one of the myths generated by one of the local ghost creating historians.
1 158 Read More
Wirral History
7th Nov 2019 1:50pm
Very interesting article from the New York Times on how Birkenhead Park influenced Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of Central Park. I think the basic story is well known (at least here in Wirral), but this puts it in much more perspective. Worth a read ...
0 83 Read More
Wirral History
5th Nov 2019 5:54pm
7 4,479 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
5th Nov 2019 5:44pm
Hi Guyz

Does anyone know please how to get rid of small helium balloon gas bottles and calor gas bottles, who would take them safely away.

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Street News
4th Nov 2019 10:45am

My little hedgehogs are still coming out every night for a little food.

Raising this again as another reminder to Councils, Sports Clubs, Neighbours etc... These little animals are highly endangered with numbers dropping drastically all over the country. .
2 263 Read More
Wirral History
2nd Nov 2019 6:25pm
I'm new to the Wiki. Interested in any information relating to Morpeth Buildings. My mum was born at no. 33 in 1932.
29 23,539 Read More
2nd Nov 2019 2:59pm
Yes sooooooo disappointed Granny, we had no luck and the better team won ...back to the woes of Brexit again ugh...
7 2,776 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
2nd Nov 2019 3:26am
It was originally called 'The Chesnut Horse' though nobody on here short of a search engine would know that!
9 6,849 Read More
Street News
2nd Nov 2019 2:16am
Originally Posted by locomotive
Do you realise how much traffic uses that flyover, Blackpool St wouldn't cope.

It is only a single lane flyover from A41 to Borough Road I can't see any difference in capacity apart from the height restriction of 12'9" under the Waterloo Place bridge.
11 681 Read More
For Sale - Items
31st Oct 2019 3:03pm
I'm after an amp buddy, what you got available?
1 315 Read More
For Sale - Items
31st Oct 2019 3:02pm
Is this still available buddy?
1 345 Read More
Wirral History
29th Oct 2019 10:30pm
Hi Joe, sorry to hear about your father.

I noticed today, Tuesday, two men with a ladder working on the roof of the low extension at the Mill Lane and Limekiln Lane corner.
I hope it was only for good and nothing getting stripped off.
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by red_devil. 9th Nov 2019 12:21am
Cheap skip hire
by spgb1a. 8th Nov 2019 1:05pm
New York Times on Birkenhead Park / Central Park
by yoller. 7th Nov 2019 1:50pm
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The Last of Us Ps3 game
by ultimate. 9th Nov 2019 2:49pm
5 Dapol Plastic Locomotive OO Gauge Kits
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Needs to be gone.
by RedTom. 23rd Oct 2019 12:22pm
Free 4x2” wooden lengths
by mike1965. 21st Oct 2019 11:21am
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Cheap skip hire
by spgb1a. 8th Nov 2019 1:05pm
Helium Balloon Gas Bottles Disposal
by spgb1a. 5th Nov 2019 5:44pm
Roofer in Upton area - any recommendations please?
by CarterUSM. 24th Oct 2019 10:16am
Japanese Autumn Festival 26th October
by Touchstone. 20th Oct 2019 7:43pm
Chester Street Tunnel Birkenhead
by Chatto66. 18th Oct 2019 8:58pm
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New Brighton Latest Art Installation
by GaryFromWirral. 4th Nov 2019 8:50pm
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by granny. 29th Oct 2019 11:50am
Dumping the flyovers.
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Authentic Turkish Barbers
by granny. 21st Oct 2019 7:30pm
Louise Ellman
by granny. 17th Oct 2019 12:56am
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Heaters on Renault Modus
by lauren_lfc89. 11th Nov 2019 10:01am
3 series E90 Front Coil Spring
by conan. 9th Nov 2019 3:03pm
Cheapest place for CAT5 (etc) cable
by Littlebear. 27th Oct 2019 1:18pm
Tribe next door
by cools. 23rd Oct 2019 2:30pm
Jimmy savilles little cottage in Scotland.
by snowhite. 17th Oct 2019 9:35am
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