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by assassin. 23rd Mar 2020 7:06pm
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Childrens Home - Upton??
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by granny. 18th Apr 2014 10:55am
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by granny. 31st Mar 2020 7:12pm
What song are you listening to?
by Dilly. 31st Mar 2020 6:16pm
Mini Cooper convertible 2005
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 3:56pm
2008 Focus convertible 38,000 miles
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 3:38pm
iMac 27" WANTED £1000 ££££
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:54pm
29" Sony Trinitron 4:3
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:34pm
25" bang & Olufsen tv
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:28pm
Panasonic 36" HD CRT widescreen
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:22pm
16" Sony Trinitron widescreen
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:15pm
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by Greenwood. 28th Mar 2020 4:10pm
Birkenhead History Society
by Norton. 8th Mar 2020 6:11pm
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National News
19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
As indeed nature has done numerous times in the past, just because we've had a relatively lucky run for the last 100 years doesn't mean we were impervious.

The way we live our lives is man made, and made for man.. We've gone too far, and don't know how to turn back. Simply heading towards a mammoth catastrophe, with hate and wars , famine and pestilence. cruelty and deaf ears.

Latest, Israel has demolishes a Palestinian Coronavirus Clinic. In Gaza 97% of water is undrinkable. I think that comes under 'cruelty and deaf ears' Nobody calls out for them. Why not ? If we want this virus beating, it has to be up to every country, not destroyed by another country, in the hope of destroying a race of people.

194 6,693 Read More
For Sale - Items
3 hours ago
55 plate Mini Cooper convertible

very small 1.6 litre

96,000 miles


2 keys

all folders books and passport (original documentation from new)

comes with full MOT

electric windows all round

half leather interior

electric roof perfect

gearbox and clutch perfect

new copper brake pipes

new lower back wishbone bush (common fault)

£995 ono
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For Sale - Items
3 hours ago
Focus cc-2 convertible 2008


Very little use only 38,000 miles

2 owners

Perfect electric hardtop

2 keys

Sony factory stereo with in dash cd changer

comes with a full MOT

Scratched on passenger side hence price

0 17 Read More
Wanted - Items
5 hours ago
I am wanting an Apple iMac 27" computer

upto £1000

Maybe more cash depending on model

0 32 Read More
For Sale - Items
5 hours ago
REQUIRES MAGNETIC STRIP ON BACK OF TUBE AS CONVERGE SLIGHTLY OUT IN TOP CORNER, if you're looking at this for gaming you will understand what that means (easy fix).

Complete with new reversible remote as old one was faulty

Works fine

0 20 Read More
For Sale - Items
6 hours ago
This CRT television comes complete with its LCD beovision remote which would cost you £50 on its own

Sound quality as good as a good quality home stack system

Built in hidden DVD player

ideal for gaming

motorised memory stand

Top of the range back in the day over £3000

0 26 Read More
For Sale - Items
6 hours ago
One of the best widescreen CRT televisions and one of the last made

flicker filter etc has all the toys

Has loads of connections ideal for gaming this tv has it all

comes as pictured with original remote, spare remote and stand

this weighs 78kg so will need delivering locally

Photo is deceiving, this tv is huge

0 17 Read More
For Sale - Items
6 hours ago
Portable television for gaming

Comes with remote

Crack in case thanks to MyHermes mad but perfect working order hence price

Highly collectible these go for over £100 on Ebay

0 11 Read More
Lost & Found
10 hours ago
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History Information Request
12 hours ago
2 67 Read More
Yesterday at 09:46 PM

Glow worm Caves.

A Time-lapse of New Zealand’s Glowworm caves as they have never been seen before. Filming this involved sleeping in caves for multiple days in complete darkness with just the sounds of the cave to keep us company (and the occasional eel). Read the full story of how we pulled this off on our blog: http://www.stokedforsaturday.com/2015/07/glowworms-in-motion/

36 767 Read More
On the Box
Yesterday at 05:46 PM
Amazon prime has made most of its kids shows free
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Local News
Yesterday at 05:37 PM
Wirral's brown bin (garden waste) collection has been suspended because of shortage of staff.
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Street News
Yesterday at 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by snowshoes
They where talking about this here on the radio this AM. Saying this pandemic is
like paradise for abusers.

It's hard to understand what it must be like to be terrified 24/7 . What a terrible way to live , and from your post, Snowshoes, would seem to be a 'pandemic' of a different nature.
3 163 Read More
What's On Wirral
28th Mar 2020 4:10pm
I'm glad it wasn't just me, interpreting the image in a certain way - reminded me of what tended to be seen around a lot on walls in ancient Rome! This could be regarded as the ultimate flying phallus...

As for the second shot it reminds me of what we usd to do a lot when I was a child - NO, not smoke cigarettes in darkened rooms! 'Taking a line for a walk' was very popular; then you'd try to make something decorative from whatever squiggles appeared - colour in the sections, create a wacky animal etc. If we're locked down for much longer I'll be trying it myself with the felt tips!
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
27th Mar 2020 5:37pm
It isn't judges who decide the laws nor the available punishments, they just follow the rules.
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National News
27th Mar 2020 5:33pm
That is the whole point of social distancing, it is to slow it down, slowing down the rate spreads the infections over time not just delay them by a fixed amount, this has at least two benefits.

Firstly if it slower there will be less cases at any one time so the NHS and NHS supplies will not be as inundated which will save lives.

There are both possible immunisation and treatments that reduce the severity on the horizon, the more time we have the more likely these will help and will save lives.

There is an enormous amount of research and studies going on.
34 986 Read More
Local News
27th Mar 2020 3:48pm
Sorry don't care what Boris said, unless you are going to work,nipping to shop for food you shouldn't be out of the house, its as simple as that, your all going to die, its 11,700 sick in this country as of today, by Sunday this will be around 13,500 people are not listening, the council/police needs to be going around the streets with loud speaker vans telling people to stay inside, i have to go to work and i see people going to the shops wandering about, i come home and see the same people doing he same, they going to die!
9 442 Read More
Local News
26th Mar 2020 8:51pm
48 7,972 Read More
Local News
26th Mar 2020 5:52pm
I used to be around after school quite a bit, there were a couple of cleaners looking busy in Ravenswood, you'd go back an hour later and they were still doing the banister. I think they just preferred being in that building than the rest of the school. I quite liked the main building as well, the new concrete buildings were just trash.
10 507 Read More
On the Box
26th Mar 2020 10:04am
I have never got american humour cools.
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For Sale - Items
25th Mar 2020 4:51pm
Gone thanks
2 322 Read More
Gadgets & Tech
24th Mar 2020 10:40pm
Yay it works ..thanks Mark and DD ....
10 279 Read More
Local News
24th Mar 2020 12:57pm

It sounds like he's snapped. We can all say things we don't mean when under pressure or emotional stress , but yep, he's done himself no favours .
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Wirral History
24th Mar 2020 12:13pm
last lot for today - more tomorrow
41 31,735 Read More
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Car Keys
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For Sale & Free
Mini Cooper convertible 2005
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 3:56pm
2008 Focus convertible 38,000 miles
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 3:38pm
iMac 27" WANTED £1000 ££££
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:54pm
29" Sony Trinitron 4:3
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:34pm
25" bang & Olufsen tv
by _Ste_. 31st Mar 2020 1:28pm
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Free amazon prime for kids
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by cools. 24th Mar 2020 3:24pm
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by cools. 15th Mar 2020 9:07am
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