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by WargamerNik. 11th Dec 2018 10:21am
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by granny. 29th Nov 2018 11:56am
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by dingle. 23rd Nov 2018 9:18pm
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Medieval Wirral.
by granny. 12th Dec 2018 11:02am
Carr House, Moreton
by granny. 11th Dec 2018 10:42pm
Bromborough - Marfords Estate
by billy_anorak59. 10th Dec 2018 12:35pm
762 Whitt's End Wine & Cocktail Bar 43 Market Stre
by derekdwc. 29th Nov 2018 11:15pm
758 Withens Lane Sports & Social Club
by derekdwc. 29th Nov 2018 11:11pm
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Chutneys. Never again
by diggingdeeper. 14th Dec 2018 2:41am
Border, no Border. Deal, no Deal
by diggingdeeper. 14th Dec 2018 1:33am
Fibre Broadband
by diggingdeeper. 14th Dec 2018 1:22am
by fish5133. 13th Dec 2018 10:22pm
by fish5133. 13th Dec 2018 9:50pm
What song are you listening to?
by starakita. 13th Dec 2018 2:34pm
Medieval Wirral.
by Gibbo. 13th Dec 2018 10:20am
Carr House, Moreton
by granny. 13th Dec 2018 12:13am
1998 Smart Car ForTwo - 600
by mike1965. 12th Dec 2018 4:21pm
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by fish5133. 13th Dec 2018 10:22pm
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Local News
1 hour ago
Chutneys has now been retested and awarded 4 stars.
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National News
2 hours ago
We should simply go for the default of no deal, the EU will come to the necessary arrangements to ensure that trade, travel etc still happens, the border would not be closed (the Britannic Wall!). We completely sidestep any concept of being punished by the EU.

The EU will jump up and down about the lack of border in Ireland, they cannot force us to create a hard border and Southern Ireland has said it adamantly won't create one either. There are similar border issues elsewhere that have been resolved without a harder border. Don't forget that neither the UK nor Southern Ireland are in the Schengen area anyway, the only "leak" would be contained to UK and Ireland, not the rest of the EU, much the same as already happens elsewhere in some European places.

WTO rules would not be the end of the world, 43% of our exports are already under WTO rules, as are 34% of our imports.

Many items we purchase will be cheaper under WTO rules than the restrictive markets the EU allow us to use.
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Gadgets & Tech
3 hours ago
@fish Your broadband is going down exactly the same long wires with Plusnet as it was with Talktalk, furthermore those wires are still maintained by openreach, basically nothing has changed, it will settle down to roughly the same speed as it was before.

If you want to get a decent speed your best option is with fibre, plusnet have a half decent offer on at the moment - though not as cheap as talktalk.
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What's On Wirral
Yesterday at 09:50 PM
Just came down Leasowe road? past the castle and garden places and one of the garden centres nearest wallasey village had late opening for xmas trees and the glass houses looked lovely all lit up when past on the flyover.
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Wirral History
Yesterday at 10:20 AM
Lovely find. I wish the council weren't so strict on metal detecting. I bet there's some great treasures out there.
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History Information Request
Yesterday at 12:13 AM
The only comment I make now is, that

Henry and Margaret (Thomason) married 1635 had 4 listed children that I can find.

William, 1637
Ellen 1639
Alice 1642
Mary. 1646

I wondered why they never had a son named Henry. If they did then he could be the one who went to Saughall.

James Bird (Brydd)and Elizabeth Askew married 1593
James Bird and Ales Henson married 1602
Henry Bird and Elizabeth Billingham married 1605 possibly Henricus Subsidy Roll Poulton C.S. 1625 and maybe Margaret Tomason was his second wife.

Henry Bird of Saughall had a Will dated 1690 which I do not have.
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For Sale - Items
12th Dec 2018 4:21pm
Hi Dave, Dumb question but do you know who bought your old smart car or mahbe the area where it went?
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History Information Request
12th Dec 2018 6:12am
Many thanks Gold_Moon, good information.
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Gadgets & Tech
11th Dec 2018 9:54pm
Do you have other phones in the house bri?
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History Information Request
11th Dec 2018 1:16pm
Forgot about that thread Bert - thanks!

Most of page 2 is referring to the two other power stations in the area - the 'Merseyside Power Station' for Levers, and the 'Central Power Station' which was a smaller scale backup station for Stork.
The third power station, the CEGB one in my picture was slightly further down the river bank towards Eastham.
Don't know what that proves, but just thought I might clarify!

Thanks again for the help.
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Wirral History
11th Dec 2018 11:17am
Dashleys Pork Pies mid to late '60's oh yummy. Sure miss them.
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Leisure & Hobbies
11th Dec 2018 10:32am
Sorry folks, this is the working link to our website ..
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For Sale - Items
11th Dec 2018 8:36am
Fabulous camera boxed and as new. New spare battery and charger. Shoulder carrying case. Only used for one three week holiday. Has both 1080P HD and full 4K capability. Only reason for sale is I am upgrading. Any trial welcome.
Cash on collection from Bebington. £300.00 fixed price.
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For Sale - Items
10th Dec 2018 8:07pm
Now sold smile
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Free Sale
10th Dec 2018 9:38am
Hi habdab yes it's still here message me if you still want it
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Pets / Animals
9th Dec 2018 10:27pm
Lol , I meant me ! I had got Bubbles mixed up with another rescue which had come from abroad recently.
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Wirral History
9th Dec 2018 5:31pm
It is cold over there. I remember , after having a terrible trip up the Bosphorus when we thought our end had come, we arrived at Istanbul somewhere around the beginning of January ,and it was snowing, as in snowstorm ! Freezing too !
A few days later we sailed onto Izmir, where it was like summer, although not hot.
Syria does get very cold and snow, from what I can gather.
Look after your little fig tree. Olive trees are another from the same regions, and frost resilient. Symbolic of peace, hence 'holding out the olive branch' .
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For Sale - Items
9th Dec 2018 10:23am
Come on folks !! Good table to keep the family amused at Christmas and a lot through the year. I NEED the space in the house.

The asking price will anyway go to a charity

Can I tempt anyone with a FREEBEE add-on ie a swivel bar soccer game?
Is in the loft so you will need to bring it down the ladder

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For Sale - Items
9th Dec 2018 10:13am
I have a shakspear navigator sea fishing shelter for sale want 30 cheers.
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For Sale - Items
9th Dec 2018 6:01am
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Lost & Found
8th Dec 2018 10:32am
Tried Gallaghers and Birkenhead cop shop but no joy. However, that was followed by a very pleasant afternoon in Tatey's company, amongst others.
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National News
7th Dec 2018 9:28pm
It's me doh! ! Panic over ha .
5 210 Read More
7th Dec 2018 9:45am
Great outcome, I said you'd win back in June!
22 2,725 Read More
Free Sale
6th Dec 2018 12:33pm
[/b][b] Free to good home! spares or repair, fills up but then stops, immaculate condition

will need collecting today or else its going to the tip

message me for address an phone number

Liscard/Wallasey area

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Wirral Council
4th Dec 2018 7:18pm
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
Next people will put in claims for walking into lampposts and tripping on kerbs and steps. .

Yes, they do and have done . Even to breaking a leg in a pothole in the middle of the road. Falling over computer wires, and slipping on a wet floor !
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Bromborough - Marfords Estate
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For Sale & Free
Panasonic HC VX870 4K camcorder
by gerrymoore. 11th Dec 2018 8:36am
Sea fishing shelter
by paul110180. 9th Dec 2018 10:13am
Pool table etc 25x 55" approx
by Snodvan. 7th Dec 2018 7:13pm
Hotpoint slimline dishwasher free
by silvertigra. 6th Dec 2018 12:33pm
Black Leather massage recliner chair
by alicia1. 4th Dec 2018 1:40pm
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Sky TV
by Peter0787. 29th Nov 2018 9:21pm
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