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Vista Spa
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Troll Trail
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by ghostly1. 11th Feb 2018 4:36pm
BBC Moving on
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Not sure if this has been linked ...
by DavidB. 6th Feb 2018 1:17pm
Charing Cross 1980's
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Lunts Cake Factory on Hoylake Rd.
by jeffappleyard. 22nd Dec 2017 8:30pm
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1878 Post Office Directory of Cheshire query
by dafydd. 20th Feb 2018 8:00pm
Police - Wirral Met College
by fish5133. 20th Feb 2018 7:24pm
Web Search American Websites Grr!
by fish5133. 20th Feb 2018 7:21pm
DJI Mavic Pro Fly More combo
by gerrymoore. 20th Feb 2018 2:19pm
What song are you listening to?
by diggingdeeper. 20th Feb 2018 12:28pm
BMW wheel
by DavidB. 20th Feb 2018 8:28am
Love Is a Losing Game
by diggingdeeper. 20th Feb 2018 5:04am
Adjustable fire guard
by Gold_Moon. 19th Feb 2018 7:14pm
RSPCA at it Again
by diggingdeeper. 19th Feb 2018 6:56pm
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Where is Dilly?
by workinclasshero. 17th Feb 2018 6:15pm
New Hall Fazakerley, West Derby
by snowhite. 13th Feb 2018 2:52pm
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History Information Request
Yesterday at 08:00 PM
my gt grandfather joseph broster kept the glegg arms at thurstaston he was the enumerator for the census of1881 I have photo of him dressed as a publican in the appropriate white apron of the day
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Local News
Yesterday at 07:24 PM
They want to do a drug sweep at Hilbre School. Really strong smell of pot as they were congregating to go into school in the morning. Smell had disappeared after they had gone in. Thought at first it was a local house growing the stuff.
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Gadgets & Tech
Yesterday at 07:21 PM
cheers DD. Coming up as Liverpool. Seem to get UK websites now if i use yahoo uk for searching. Ruddy yanks
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Wanted - Items
Yesterday at 02:19 PM
As per title ...looking to buy the above drone kit. I have cash waiting and, if necessary, can travel to buy.

The are a LOT of these for sale secondhand at high prices .... I'm looking for a cash bargain!!

NOT interested in any other type or make drone thanks as I already have one..

Call or text me ....thanks
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Wanted - Items
Yesterday at 08:28 AM
£220 later, oof!
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
Yesterday at 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by Salmon
Ketty Lester singing Love Letters is quite similar

I've seen Alison Moyet sing that song live, Ketty was better. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Free Sale
19th Feb 2018 7:14pm
Thank you so much for the fire guard, it's greatly appreciated and it was lovely to meet you! smile
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Local News
19th Feb 2018 6:56pm
Originally Posted by venice
Trouble is, theres too many people who are oblivious to the bigger picture and just think how cute it would be to let their cat breed ' so the kids can see a birth etc ' and find it dead easy to find homes because they give them away to virtually anyone. Frequently the sort of recipients who took the kitten/s as a knee jerk reaction, often cant afford/dont bother to neuter ,didnt really think about keeping a cat longterm , chuck them out, etc etc and the cycle continues . Makes me even crosser than hunting because of the numbers involved -

And the myth that its better for female cats and dogs to have one litter. Its simply not true, all the behavioural advantages of getting them spayed/neutered work even better the sooner they are done, likewise for the considerable reduced risk of cancer.

Originally Posted by venice
Im not sure what the latest position is, Im not up to date but I know theres been a lot of controversy over them spending thousands on prosecutions , and they have or are about to have a new CEO who has promised the charity will become less political , and concentrate mainly on domestic animals .I hate hunting too and want law breakers prosecuted , but it seems the RSPCA cant fund everything , and they seem to be treating it as an eithe/or situation.

The RSPCA can't do right for doing right, the media are permanently on the attack, if they reduce the fox hunting prosecutions to appease the media then they will be lambasted for that as well. In reality the prosecutions do not cost them a huge amount of money because most are successful and they get awarded costs, but that doesn't make good press does it!
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Free Sale
19th Feb 2018 1:01pm
Happy Al's have a decent range. I went to a wedding where they got a nice coach from happy al's from wallasey to thronton hall and i believe it was reasonably priced.

Was a nice interior as well, comfortable and spacious.
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National News
18th Feb 2018 11:42pm
Originally Posted by venice
Just read somewhere online that you can always exchange old out of circulation paper notes by post directly to the Bank Of England ? Is that true I wonder , I thought that if you missed the deadline to spend, and once the banks had allowed you a few more weeks to pass them in , that that was that .

Yes, unlike coins, banknotes are a warrant issued by the relevant bank and so cannot expire despite no longer being legal tender.
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Local News
18th Feb 2018 10:55pm
By coincidence I came across this today:


Peel reckons there is no chance of Liverpool Waters going ahead as originally planned. Not that this is any surprise. The initial ideas shown in the glamorous pics an videos are intended to draw in the punters rather than to give any real idea of the reality behind it.
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18th Feb 2018 12:48pm
Can someone advise on what this problem maybe. The passenger door wont open from outside or inside and not even with the fob.
I have managed to take the door card off and can see that there is a cable that has come away and needs to be hooked to the actuator. Is this an easy fix, can some give me a price to do this job or advise on a decent mechanic that will?
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Pets / Animals
18th Feb 2018 11:10am
Just a quick message to direct anyone who is interested in the above to an advert which I have listed in the 'Free Sale' forum
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National News
17th Feb 2018 11:52pm
kids only get upset when they see themselves as being in very different situations to their peers . Maybe now , there are so many mixes of relationships plus male housekeepers and male nannies etc , that hardly anything is that unusual any more , so as long as their 2 parents are good loving ones, perhaps they wouldnt even blink.

Does strike me though that looking back trying to puzzle out family history in the far future is going to be a lot more challenging !!!
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National News
17th Feb 2018 7:04pm
Originally Posted by Excoriator
...Barnier and his ilk know there is a queue of countries wanting to leave the EU

These are YOUR words and they are totally untrue. The most that can be said is that SOME people in SOME countries want out.

How can you say that my statement is "totally untrue" then go on to agree with what I said, I'm obviously missing your point?

"queue" implies more than one, I did not say "all" nor even "many".

IMHO, Poland would seriously consider leaving if it wasn't for the financial bribe. Greece would leave if they hadn't been taken over financially. Italy, maybe Spain, maybe France are somewhere around 50/50 but each have complex issues. Then there are Denmark, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Hungary who aren't very happy with a number of issues. If Brexit succeeds then Ireland may find itself having to leave which is another reason the EU are appearing very awkward on the Brexit deal.

Originally Posted by Excoriator
There is a waiting list of countries wanting to join! as detailed here:


Of course countries want to join, the first thing that happens is loads of money gets thrown their way BUT the EU is running out of money to give away and Brexit will hit this badly. If the EU take on more countries they will no longer be able to pay the Polish bribe and Poland will leave, they will also have a problem bailing out Greece again and may have to forfeit Greece on favourable terms.
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Local News
17th Feb 2018 6:16pm
It seems they are being propped up to continue Tranmere Rovers live commentary, they have now also started a crowdfunder page to try and keep the station going http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-wirral-radio
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Free Sale
17th Feb 2018 1:53pm
High chair - good used condition, collect only - Wallasey
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Free Sale
17th Feb 2018 1:50pm
Hamster cage with various accessories (see picture) Collect only - Wallasey
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
17th Feb 2018 11:58am
Ah, youve found us again .....
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Wirral Now and Then
17th Feb 2018 10:48am
Originally Posted by muzzy2
Anyone watching, scenes filmed in Hamilton Square and showing the Town Hall.
Bit of a miserable series though, no happy endings, bit depressing really, don't know why I'm watching!

not seen it but watching depressing and miserable stuff makes you realise how fortunate you are....cathartic
1 278 Read More
History Information Request
17th Feb 2018 7:19am
HB Hall was off Kings Lane. Built in 1840. Demolished sometime after 1963. Info from Fir bob land by Allan Alsbury, chapter 9. There is a photo and location map in the book. 👍
26 2,959 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
16th Feb 2018 7:40pm
Anyone no someone who can repair a leather settee
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Street News
16th Feb 2018 5:46pm
No doubt there are penalty clauses in the contract but if you try to enforce them then the contractor hits back on the "extra" charges:- work carried out that wasn't covered by the original contract. Many contracts are qoted at cost (or even a loss) to get the competitive edge but the contractor knows that there will be extras to make his profit from, unplanned work usually having a premium charge.

This practice was prevalent when public departments found a "cosy" contractor that they preferred to deal with which sometimes helped them use money from different budgets or different budget years. No idea if the above is still practiced but I can't see it having died out completely.

The streetworks overrun charges were to stop the practice of many utility companies digging holes then going on and doing other work sometimes leaving disruption behind them for many months.
15 1,215 Read More
Wanted - Items
16th Feb 2018 4:05pm
1 126 Read More
For Sale - Items
15th Feb 2018 9:56pm
Hi, is this still something you are looking to do? I need some space, but just for a week or two, to sort some paintwork on my van It is MOT'd taxed and road legal, I just need some space to work in out the wind and weather.

1 291 Read More
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DJI Mavic Pro Fly More combo
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High Chair
by Brown_Horrocks. 17th Feb 2018 1:53pm
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