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Gladstone Street
by Chevi. 6th Jan 2021 8:39pm
Birkenhead born Tramway King
by Norton. 28th Dec 2020 4:39pm
The Rockville pub
by madrob. 28th Dec 2020 12:29pm
gothic house in Palm Grove, Oxton
by philmch. 8th Dec 2020 7:37pm
Prenton Brick and Tile Works (off Prenton Dell Rd)
by edbrooke. 30th Dec 2016 5:07pm
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Nervous Nelly?
by Salmon. 16th Jan 2021 7:20am
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by granny. 15th Jan 2021 9:48pm
Wirral Covid Mass Testing
by diggingdeeper. 15th Jan 2021 5:56pm
Wirral Covid
by keef666. 15th Jan 2021 5:39pm
Books: Three Wirral reprints FOR SALE
by diggingdeeper. 15th Jan 2021 4:25pm
Women's LFC Top
by Julie64. 14th Jan 2021 9:53pm
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by cools. 14th Jan 2021 10:45am
Still trying to identify some buildings on 1960s?
by derekdwc. 14th Jan 2021 9:50am
What song are you listening to?
by GaryFromWirral. 13th Jan 2021 3:00pm
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Wirral info
39 minutes ago
I agree if the appt was not urgent you are much better staying safe. I have a letter from my dentist to make a routine appointment which i will leave aside. I had my first jab last Saturday but the figures coming through tell me to go nowhere that there will be other people close by.
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National News
Yesterday at 09:48 PM

MI5 may have used black propoganda , and various other things, but at the same time they might not have. MI5 are not on the same road as the CIA.
I'm quite sure MI5 also have the ability to ferret out the truth from the false accusations.

My cousin's father was a spy during the Malayian war, the strange thing was..... nobody in the family knew. She was 7 yrs old when she last saw him and never heard from him again.
He was due home but never arrived. Nobody could find ever out what had happened to him.
His mother got notification decades later that he'd died. He was found destitute in a basement flat in Scotland somewhere, on his own with a single momento his wife had given him before they had last parted company.

We don't know what goes on behind closed doors and we don;t know what they know either.
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Local News
Yesterday at 05:56 PM
Covid Symptom-Free testing is now by appointment only.

To book a test visit

For symptom free testing you probably need the last item (Wirral Lateral Flow Testing)?

Personally I find this online booking system appalling and there should be a phone number to make bookings.
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 04:25 PM
The Giant Skeletons under the chancellery story is related to St Oswald's, Winwick, Lancashire in 1828.

The average height of a Lancashire male in 1828 was about 5ft 5 inches, the title "Giant" could have been anyone 5ft 10 inches or taller.

Skeletons can appear to significantly taller than living people due to either the way the are measured (toe to head instead of heel to head) plus the lack of compression on the skeleton which can make a few inches difference.
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For Sale - Items
14th Jan 2021 9:53pm
Selling Women’s LFC Home Shirt 2020-2021

Size: Medium

Has Robertson 26 on the back

Selling as it's too small and LFC won’t exchange it because it’s classed as a ‘personalised shirt’ even though it’s got a players name on... (I’m just as confused as you).

Has been worn to try on only! Selling for retail price of £84.95

It is in perfect condition. Message for anymore info smile
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History Information Request
14th Jan 2021 9:50am
Just came across some other pics I never posted at the time
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For Sale - Items
12th Jan 2021 5:07pm
sold sold sold .
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History Information Request
12th Jan 2021 10:33am
Hi Chevi, sorry its not a family I knew but it was worth a shot.
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Wirral History
10th Jan 2021 10:12pm
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
Originally Posted by _Ste_
Strange enough and i'm being totally honest here, yesterday (Wednesday 6th January 2021) at 10am sharp for about 30 seconds I heard these sirens. They were faint but very clear.

Managed to confirm that Cammell Laird test their siren the first Wednesday of the month.

Strange, not heard it before, must be with the lack of traffic on the roads.

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Ask - Wiki Wirral
10th Jan 2021 8:50pm
Still dithering... I've stuffed the tip load into the shed until I decide to take the plunge - or until they tighten restrictions and close the tips! Hmm...
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National News
10th Jan 2021 3:15pm
Originally Posted by mikeeb
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
This or similar has been the policy in many EU countries, about time we were allowed to fall in line.

Are the rules different in some EU countries than others?
If so, no wonder Brexit happened.

Every country had its own qualifying rules and benefits, there are also individual agreements between different countries within the EU.

There are continual negotiations to unify tax and benefits but this is just another step into becoming the United States of Germany.

Making the EU one big Republic doesn't help, look at the countries that are bigger than the UK - in order.


How many of them are aspirational/inspirational examples of how size helps?
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
8th Jan 2021 6:30pm
Im sure people will appreciate that information Digging thanks so much
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Wanted - Items
8th Jan 2021 10:47am
Wanted Aquarium approx 5ft .Must be in good condition,no leaks etc .Prefer with equipment but not essential.
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Wirral info
7th Jan 2021 1:29pm
There's a service rig out to sea working on the wind farm. Perhaps it was that?

I can't think of any Welsh power stations that would be visible from Wirral other than the one at Queensferry.
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Free Sale
6th Jan 2021 4:22pm
Sets of three kids used boots in good condition SIZE 6 Free

collection only.
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Local News
4th Jan 2021 10:55pm
I am very happy to accept he was a very nice man indeed. I have heard no criticism of him as a human being and would not wish him dead. I feel for his family.

But he was no singer of composer, despite what is claimed for him. He sang everything a quarter tone sharp. Enough to set your teeth on edge.
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4th Jan 2021 5:30pm
I'll be out most days this month as I have joined Strava 400 km for the month of January.
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History Information Request
4th Jan 2021 5:00pm
Hi, and wonder if you have any more info, as I was hoping to find out because I used to play there too in the 50s.


5 3,899 Read More
For Sale - Items
4th Jan 2021 11:02am
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Street News
4th Jan 2021 2:30am
Most of those postcodes had their power returned however the following postcodes have have had a further incidence which is estimated will be fixed by 5:20 AM

CH435RD, CH435RF, CH435RG, CH435XX
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Wanted - Items
3rd Jan 2021 5:23pm
Just asking if anyone local has a old cheap in any state at all Myford ml7 or Myford super7 as I'm thinking of teaching myself a bit of metal turning now I'm retired so if anyone has one lieing around gathering rust and dust..Thanks in advance.. Im in Prenton.
0 164 Read More
Wanted - Items
3rd Jan 2021 5:15pm
All sorted now thanks..Got one ...
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National News
3rd Jan 2021 12:02pm

Such a shame that no one is actually interested , i.e. unless it affects them.

No compassion, no empathy, no nothing. Clearly no one has heard of the people from the bakery being thrown in the ovens alive ! That only happens in story books doesn't it or horrific concentration camps ? Never in Syria, where that sort of thing is classed a propoganda, because the Syrian people count as nothing anyway !!! The Syrian people are intelligent,clever, smart and a damn site cleaner than our inbred mucky little habits .
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For Sale - Items
3rd Jan 2021 11:54am
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For Sale - Items
3rd Jan 2021 11:47am
Model number is d00901
In perfect condition well looked after like brand new. Comes with pink leather case if wanted. £25
Picture is from google to show what it looks like, can send picture of it if wanted through email or WhatsApp as won’t let me attach picture to this post
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Women's LFC Top
by Julie64. 14th Jan 2021 9:53pm
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kids boots used size 6
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by JWood. 3rd Jan 2021 4:18pm
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Nervous Nelly?
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