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by Longnails. 17th Sep 2021 5:41pm
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by TheGodSplinter. 14th Sep 2021 3:04am
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by granny. 8th Sep 2020 10:02am
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holy trinity church.
by diggingdeeper. 21st Oct 2021 5:28pm
Our Earth
by diggingdeeper. 21st Oct 2021 5:13pm
Hedgehog Rescue
by granny. 21st Oct 2021 12:54pm
Road Repairs
by granny. 21st Oct 2021 10:59am
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by keef666. 20th Oct 2021 6:33am
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by mikeeb. 17th Oct 2021 1:54pm
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Wanted old unloved gas patio heater any condition
by spider. 14th Oct 2021 12:31pm
Panic buying
by diggingdeeper. 13th Oct 2021 7:51pm
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Royden Hall Christmas Fair
by Greenwood. 28th Sep 2021 10:59am
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History Information Request
34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bert1
It appears only a trip to Kew will find the answer to who was buried there unless the records eventually come on line. As I said previously, I do remember headstones being there, what I can't remember, were they above a grave or leaning up against a wall. I wonder what happened to the headstones, were they laid down and landscaped over?

Deceased Online are gradually scanning the RG37 records in and they appear to be doing a mixture of graveyards and cemeteries, most sites only concentrate on cemeteries.

The marriage certificates I mentioned earlier as being in London (Presbyterian Historical Society) have been amalgamated with the URC records and moved to Westminster University.

I should also mention that FamilySearch in Salt Lake City have microfiche copies of some of St Andrew's records but as with many sites the search facilities are for individuals, not locations, however the staff appear to offer help for free, I'm busy at the moment but may contact them next year.
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49 minutes ago
I think I read a few months ago that the moon is either the furthest or nearest distance it has been for xx years or whatever, this will change the flexing of the earths crust. Its not just water that moves, the solids do as well.
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Local News
5 hours ago

Good news. A late baby. I feed mine everynight, with fresh water in the hope they build up in time for hibernation. They quite often come around all through the winter if it's mild enough.
Well done.
Did you have a look at the Hedgehog map on the link I posted ? Put your postcode in and it brings up any sightings near to where you live. You can also update a sighting on the map. Just follow instructions.
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Wirral Council
7 hours ago

About a month ago, Barnston Road was resurfaced , lined and made to look very nice.
Neighbours commented on how long it would be before roadworks dug it all up again !
This morning, just along from my house a massive reel of cable has been dropped off.. One wonders ! We shall wait and see.
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National News
Yesterday at 05:33 AM
My thoughts go to his loved ones,
But can we just think about everyone else in the country that has to go about their lives, and they don't have the luxury of police bodyguards, infact try and find a policeman/women?
They cut the police force down they have to live with it now!
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Wirral info
17th Oct 2021 12:54pm
The council is now proposing to use the town’s former House of Fraser building.
This is a better option than St Werburghs for the stall holders but I think the best option would be the old Marks and Spencer building because it is the centre of the town, and that is the preferred destination of the stall holders as well.
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Local News
17th Oct 2021 12:28am
The practice nurses at my local surgery are also excellent and do all types of things. However, what really gets up my nose is when I manage to actually see a doctor and in the course of his diagnosis he needs a nurse to change a dressing or similar, I then have to pay for a doctors visit AND pay for a practice nurse visit. For anyone with something that is ongoing this can become extremely expensive. Luckily we live in a semi rural area and our doctors aren't too expensive, but our daughters live much closer to cities and they basically have to budget for visits to the doctors.
This kind of thing has caused our Hospitals A&E departments to be overwhelmed with people turning up there rather than pay for a doctor visit - it just seems a vicious circle world wide!
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Wanted - Items
14th Oct 2021 11:31am
Thank you for looking ,All sorted now..thanks

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National News
13th Oct 2021 6:51pm
Originally Posted by Salmon
Is piece work not just another name for enforced labour? You only get paid more if you work crazily quickly and then no work at all.

Quite the opposite, you aren't forced to do anything, its piece work.

All the bits and pieces I've done in the last fifteen years or so have been piece work/zero hours, I wouldn't have it any other way, I don't want to be tied down to a contract which forces me to work.

I agree employees should have a choice and be offered regular work if they want it but there are also a lot of people that want the flexibility and freedom of being out of contract that shouldn't be ignored.
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Wanted - Items
13th Oct 2021 10:39am
PMd you, Peter.
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Local News
13th Oct 2021 9:43am
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
I'd love to see a car transporter move vans.

You see them on the motorway many times.

Loads more images here.
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Street News
10th Oct 2021 12:28pm
Originally Posted by Excoriator
The home office has always been keen on repression in all possible forms, and the arrival of the Patel woman is a marriage made in hell.

Expect a lot more repression soon.

More attempts to bring in discriminatory laws.

There is no difference between harassing a male or a female - why are we trying to bring in new laws that embody discrimination?

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For Sale - Items
9th Oct 2021 4:05pm
This now sold, but I have a much better TT, a Sanyo TP SA700 available - call 07400111443 for details
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7th Oct 2021 11:51am
Led Zeppelin When the Levee Breaks.
Haven't done much as got my finger trapped when inserting fork into fork tree. When pushing fork into first hole it was stuck so pushed hard unfortunately my finger got took with the Momentum into second hole. It was like stubbing your toe badly and there is nothing you can do but just take the pain. Been cleaning part's when built going to phone around bike shop's for a quote for the 104 engine. I took fibreglass rear mudguard from the 100 frame for the 104 thoe hole's don't line up and certainly not going to drill more hole's so will use the plastic one till buy another. Took a lot from the 100 frame but will have to replace them when the dirt bike show is on in Manchester next year ?
Will go to the Birkenhead bike shop tomorrow as need Fork Oil but won't buy engine oil till engine been serviced and clutch plate's need replacing as original are rusted.
Take care now Winter is Hear.
76 28,104 Read More
Wanted - Items
6th Oct 2021 3:26pm
Dear Nick,

My dad was a member of the Carlton Players during the 1970s and 1980s. Paul Churchill. He died last year I'm sorry to have to report. However he has left a large pile of programmes. Would they still be of interest to you? A quick rummage suggests 1969 to 1981.

Ta, Neil
3 1,230 Read More
National News
6th Oct 2021 7:33am
Interesting info, DD. Thank you.
18 1,321 Read More
National News
3rd Oct 2021 10:39pm
Turbal turbines - I like that, DD! I'd be worried about a barrage interfering with the flushing effects of the Mersey tides; maybe something more offshore (that doesn't mince fish) needs to be developed. Edit: The idea of building tidal turbines into the base of wind turbines is very appealing; don't know how feasible that would be.

As for water, you're really paying for the storage of it, treatment to make it drinkable, and the transport of it to your taps, rather than the stuff itself, although cubic metres is the only practical way to measure it. Living alone in a Band B property, I made a saving by changing to a water meter; it works out at a bit less than £1/day for all fresh water supplies and disposal of sewage (I shower rather than have a bath and have a dual flush loo, also a saving), which seems a good deal to me. United Utilities used to produce a questionnaire that you could fill in, which would show whether or not changing to a meter would bring savings in your particular circumstances; it's worth anybody checking, just in case.
11 861 Read More
Local News
1st Oct 2021 9:26pm
Down the road from me there's a grid that is often clogged up with leaves, twigs etc. It floods halfway across the road (on a junction) in heavy rain. I've taken to going out with the yard brush and scraping it clear; it doesn't take long for it to drain - until the next time, of course! Better than nothing, though.
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For Sale - Items
1st Oct 2021 11:42am
I've got a few of these. They run much better with Antix Linux on.
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Wanted - Items
1st Oct 2021 7:08am
AC/DC Hells Bells.
Thanks for Reply am walking into Birkenhead this morning so will have look also needing Nitromors or just Cheap Paint Stripper unfortunately been to lot`s of Shop`s and Shelving alway`s empty.
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Wirral Schools Past & Present
30th Sep 2021 4:53pm
yes it was from1974 -1981, I gained no decent CSE grades as the teaching was 👎. Years later I studied English at evening class and passed!
3 9,521 Read More
History Information Request
29th Sep 2021 4:04pm
Check your PM Breaker.
23 9,004 Read More
Wirral Schools Past & Present
29th Sep 2021 3:28pm
I went there 1978 to 1983 headmaster was Ken Tasker back then and others i remember was Mr Unwin and Mrs Rotherroe.

Started at 6 years old after moving to the area and left at 11 to go to big school
13 3,225 Read More
What's On Wirral
28th Sep 2021 9:59am
I've been to a few parties and events there. It's very tucked away, so raising the profile beyond user groups will be a good thing. Upkeep must be a worry, so the more people that can support it, the better. Hope it goes well; I'll be going along.
2 666 Read More
Wirral info
26th Sep 2021 6:06pm
Originally Posted by mikeeb
Please don't turn this into another political debate. This is a good thing for Wirral. Down town is in a right state and this is a positive thing to turn that around ffs.

"The Town Deal, which saw Wirral Council being awarded £25m for a range of transformative regeneration projects in Birkenhead, will allow NML to create the new 5000 square metre attraction as part of regeneration plans"

Its a positive thing if it is truly sustainable, if it isn't sustainable it is a waste of money (but the developers and financiers will do alright out of it).

Another museum opening despite our track record of closing many museums.

A new plot of land being tidied up despite our track record of them ending up as either drop-out zones or going unmaintained.

The majority of the problem is not the Council, its the micromanagement and cuts by Central Government whose prime objective is to extract money from wherever they can to pass it on to developers and financiers etc.

I'm not against the basic concept of this project by any means, but when other essential services are not only being cut but also devastated, this is clearly not a priority. We have loads of parks and green space on the Wirral, we apparently have a shortage of urban building land and transport routes.

It is going to be unpoliceable, it is going to be unsustainable, we can't magic money and policemen from nowhere when the Council is in a position of continual cuts and more compulsory spending.
15 2,911 Read More
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