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Face masks
by casper. 29th Oct 2020 8:11pm
The earth at night.
by mikeeb. 25th Oct 2020 12:31pm
UK Spies
by granny. 16th Oct 2020 7:00pm
You asked me.
by GingerTom. 12th Oct 2020 9:11am
New Wirral History
Wirral Way grids
by mikeeb. 24th Oct 2020 10:11am
North Star in Bentinck ST
by derekdwc. 14th Oct 2020 9:44pm
Road leading to Queensway tunnel
by chris58. 11th Oct 2020 10:11pm
Genealogical Research - Macmillan
by Alex_Macmillan. 10th Oct 2020 11:57am
Poulton road sweet shop
by karl1972. 7th Oct 2020 11:21am
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Boaty McBoatface takes shape
The gathering storm: Mersey waterfront today
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Award for Corbyn ???
by diggingdeeper. 29th Oct 2020 11:12pm
Excellent hybrid bike
by Peter0787. 29th Oct 2020 8:30pm
New Brighton Masterplan
by cools. 29th Oct 2020 3:52pm
TV prob
by diggingdeeper. 29th Oct 2020 2:00pm
Outdoor swimming pools
by mikeeb. 29th Oct 2020 11:19am
Casper Specials
by casper. 29th Oct 2020 8:47am
When Damascus Falls !
by granny. 29th Oct 2020 8:11am
Leisure Centres Re-Open - or NOT
by granny. 28th Oct 2020 9:25pm
by granny. 27th Oct 2020 4:35pm
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by mikeeb. 26th Oct 2020 11:44am
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National News
Yesterday at 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by mikeeb
I thought you were a Corbyn backer. What changed?

Read again, carefully!
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 08:30 PM
Pm sent
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Local News
Yesterday at 03:52 PM
Completely agree with you Granny , bringing back the pier would be great. Yes let's have abit of good old fashioned fun back in the resort . What's that saying ," what goes around , comes around " ,,something like that anyway ha....
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
Yesterday at 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by mikeeb
Web browser sites are a pain in the arse and just attack your device with tons of malware/adware/spyware.

Just add Ublock Origin to your browser, 99% of the trash vanishes, browsing is a completely different experience.
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Wirral History
Yesterday at 11:19 AM
I'd never heard of this and just found an article about West Kirby outdoor swimming baths in Heswall Magazine.

By 1900 the West Kirby Swimming Club had been formed, using the Marine Lake for galas and competitions and for regular pleasure swimming.

Locals used to swim in the Marine Lake but the council didn't allow this so provided changing rooms on barges. You were only allowed to swim after 9am from the changing barges, and there was a fee to be rowed out to the barges. In 1913 they started building the baths shelter on the promonade, and continued building it during the war.

Here is a link to all of our long gone outdoor pools.
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National News
Yesterday at 08:47 AM
An amazing accomplishment indeed, he must have dug into the very depths of his mind and concentration, it makes one think does dementia clear now and then akin to a break in the clouds and enable some clarity for a short time.

I must admit not a lot going on with "Wiki" at the moment, so it has been quiet, looking forward to putting the gloves on again, so we can resume our sparring sessions. love casper xxx
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National News
Yesterday at 08:11 AM

Here we go .. now brought to the streets of Europe. No police and silence from the French authorities. Macron has got a problem that will spill over to the rest of Europe, and us included in the not too distant future. We need to be taking note instead of thinking it's too far away to bother us. Well it isn;t,

Lack of any condemnation of Turkey's actions by EU , or US.
36 3,653 Read More
Local News
28th Oct 2020 9:25pm

They aren;t going to be reserve morgues !!
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Local News
27th Oct 2020 4:35pm

Still time, she's now staying another night. ..... must be in reverse. Check it out on the Cruise page I posted .
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26th Oct 2020 7:44pm
I always found metallic colours to be easier to match than conventional standard colours, The modern trend though appears to be that car sprayers these days only spray the damaged panel even if the colour is slightly off, whereas they used to paint adjacent panels to blend-in so the colour would match perfectly.

There are often different variants of a colour as not all are standard and the extra effort has to be put in to make sure the job was matching absolutely correctly.

Some paint shops may take this additional panel painting into consideration when quoting for a job as they would know which are bad colour and which are not to match.

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For Sale - Items
26th Oct 2020 1:26pm
I am selling Women's Size 4 Purple Puma Suede Trainers.

They have hardly been worn. Looking for £20. Message for Details
0 58 Read More
History Information Request
26th Oct 2020 12:05pm
Thanks again to all for their contributions. It would seem that the Tintern House School was probably the inspiration for my father's false declaration of "Intern House School, Balloch" as his place of education.
19 790 Read More
Wiki Walks
26th Oct 2020 11:44am
Here is a sample of one of my walks.|-3.1143934908263593|13
I have found this to be the best app to create a route on your computer and download it to your phone, then follow it using your phones GPS.
Or you could download this route and follow it, and it's free. smile
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For Sale - Items
26th Oct 2020 7:40am
Selling my Suntour 29" suspension forks I have upgraded to a new fork so not needed any more.
They are in perfect condition no chips or scratches and work just fine.
Fit a bike with 29er wheels.

Selling for £45
0 66 Read More
For Sale - Items
25th Oct 2020 5:13pm
This has now been sold.cheers
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
25th Oct 2020 2:40am
Dee Estuary has 53 permits a year

But as has been said, under 5kg a day is permitted foraging.
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History Information Request
24th Oct 2020 7:16pm
The pipe runs through Neston and continues down to the old bath house sewer works for treatment ,
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Wanted - Items
23rd Oct 2020 5:34pm
Angle grinder wanted or if someone Can lend me one
0 113 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
23rd Oct 2020 3:33pm
Thanks for that Mike,pity they dont tell you these things with the award . They definitely wont be getting any more money,they didnt send cheque back so they owe in the region of £400. Ive a strange feeling theyll try to duck out of that .
23 834 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
23rd Oct 2020 3:05pm
Does anyone remember William and Sylvia jones? Trying to figure when they ran it 50s 60s
10 3,946 Read More
Local News
23rd Oct 2020 9:59am
I thought you was only allowed to build single storey extensions without planning permission.
Things are changing so fast it's hard to keep up sometimes.
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For Sale - Items
22nd Oct 2020 6:45pm
Sold, I have another the same which is a 1-CHIP console, super sharp pinpoint sprites produced from the RARE 1-CHIP edition.

The last of the line of the super Nintendos and highly sought after.

1 165 Read More
National News
22nd Oct 2020 12:45pm
The amount for self-employed has been doubled for both the third and fourth payments. Likewise the employed and business payments have also been re-jiggled.

I presume too many people were going unemployed as payments covering mortgage/rent and kids may have been better on unemployment than amount SEISS was paying - which was pitifully small.

Also there has been a little sneaky trick that two months weren't covered by SEISS, to date self-employed have only received 6 months worth of payments in two instalments and aren't getting another payment until January - that's a huge gap (5 months-ish?) without a payment.

I suspect to gain favour they will make a partial pre-Xmas payment.
4 481 Read More
History Information Request
22nd Oct 2020 11:17am
That’s something I overlooked, there are gateways either side of Aabacus, so the whole yard sloped. I thought some pictures showed the railway ramp was high and dry.
31 1,214 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
22nd Oct 2020 11:04am
Name changed to The James Atherton and now changed again (possibly temporary) to The Three Bellends
18 9,364 Read More
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by mikeeb. 28th Oct 2020 12:35pm
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by diggingdeeper. 27th Oct 2020 9:59pm
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Wirral Way grids
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For Sale & Free
Excellent hybrid bike
by stumpyduck. 29th Oct 2020 12:21pm
Women's Size 4 Puma Suede Trainers
by Julie64. 26th Oct 2020 1:26pm
Mountain bike forks
by karl1972. 26th Oct 2020 7:40am
Angle grinder
by madrob. 23rd Oct 2020 6:34pm
Building survey.
by Fidelio. 19th Oct 2020 3:00pm
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Coastal Foraging??
by shenniko. 24th Oct 2020 1:32pm
Drone help
by madrob. 18th Oct 2020 9:59am
UK's worst Street Birkenhead
by mikeeb. 17th Oct 2020 11:46am
TV prob
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road tax
by lincle. 13th Oct 2020 7:31am
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New Brighton Masterplan
by mikeeb. 28th Oct 2020 12:35pm
Leisure Centres Re-Open - or NOT
by diggingdeeper. 27th Oct 2020 9:59pm
Council services
by Excoriator. 22nd Oct 2020 3:29pm
by oldpm01. 21st Oct 2020 4:02pm
Wirral Crime August 2020
by diggingdeeper. 16th Oct 2020 5:19pm
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by mikeeb. 25th Oct 2020 12:26pm
Scratch repairs
by mikeeb. 23rd Oct 2020 12:29pm
Horse riding on the common
by karl1972. 15th Oct 2020 2:08pm
'Over Exposed' Boeing Superfortress crash site
by KevinFinity. 10th Oct 2020 9:19pm
Blitz: The bombs that changed Britain
by mikeeb. 30th Sep 2020 4:02pm
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