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Masks and gloves
by cools. 7th Jul 2020 9:35am
White House UK
by casper. 3rd Jul 2020 9:37am
Portable bogs blown over
by mikeeb. 30th Jun 2020 1:02pm
To Denmark
by diggingdeeper. 21st Jun 2020 2:47pm
New Wirral History
The new 4 bridges.
by mikeeb. 7th Jul 2020 4:10pm
Ron Gittins Stories ?
by DaDoRon. 2nd Jul 2020 9:59pm
Outdoor swimming pools
by mikeeb. 30th Jun 2020 4:26pm
1888-1913 map overlay
by mikeeb. 19th Jun 2020 2:04pm
Satellite images 1971-73
by mikeeb. 11th Jun 2020 5:45pm
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Boaty McBoatface takes shape
The gathering storm: Mersey waterfront today
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498 Weighbridge (Schooner) Brook Street East/Park
by derekdwc. 10th Jul 2020 8:49am
Wirral rocks
by Greenwood. 9th Jul 2020 6:48pm
What is sitting on roof
by Fidelio. 9th Jul 2020 11:22am
The new 4 bridges.
by Excoriator. 8th Jul 2020 4:07pm
Incident in the Rods
by mikeeb. 7th Jul 2020 12:42pm
F1 2012 Chat Room
by mikeeb. 6th Jul 2020 12:37pm
by lincle. 5th Jul 2020 8:30pm
Thought I was getting an ebay bargain
by _Ste_. 5th Jul 2020 2:10pm
338 New Dock Hotel (Blood Tub)
by sunnyside. 4th Jul 2020 10:22pm
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walking group
by lincle. 18th Jun 2020 7:59pm
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
Yesterday at 07:49 AM
Another pic
Think it has been these names once
Schooner (also known as Weighbridge, formerly Crown & Anchor, Archers) 120 Brook Street Birkenhead
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Wirral info
9th Jul 2020 5:48pm
Good aerial view of the New Brighton area, there!
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Pets / Animals
9th Jul 2020 10:22am
Hi Bultaco, its a European Pterodactyl, they’re not usually dangerous unless you make them angry but it would be safer to keep any pets inside the house until it’s gone. Hope this helps.
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Wirral History
8th Jul 2020 3:07pm
Slightly off topic, but I came across evidence of a the locks on the Weaver navigation canal being operated by water turbines - Pelton wheels I was later told.

I've not bothered to look into it further than a quick Google, but seems to confirm this. How they worked is probably carefully documented somewhere. Has anyone taken teh trouble to dig it out?
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Local News
7th Jul 2020 11:42am
What have you heard Ste?
Gun found by the kids or the kids had a gun?

Kids found a gun and ammo.
Well done to the kids for reporting it.
2 297 Read More
6th Jul 2020 11:37am
You've lost me DD. F1 has always had its prima donnas, that ain't going to change any time soon.
Anyway, yesterdays was a cracker.
Next weeks is at the same track and I hope it is a good as yesterdays.
20 13,228 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
5th Jul 2020 7:30pm
Thanks for that Digging,shes all legal & if shes not got proper PPE I have but as far as I know Im not allowed to have people in the house yet so looks like the garden or the garage
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
4th Jul 2020 9:22pm
[Linked Image]
173 148,588 Read More
4th Jul 2020 5:20pm
Loads of salmon.
[Linked Image]
208 122,078 Read More
History Information Request
3rd Jul 2020 2:36pm
Thanks diggingdeeper - Good idea about posting the link to his flat.

philmch - I hear what you're saying about Viv Stanshall; a very interesting analogy. Top hat and a rolled up carpet over the shoulder - sounds like a good look.
3 240 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
3rd Jul 2020 1:05pm
Correction wink
6 854 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
3rd Jul 2020 12:20pm
At the rate that pubs are closing I can't see a problem of finding one. Especially now, because of the aftermath of covid.
Good luck.
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Wirral History
2nd Jul 2020 4:28pm
Originally Posted by Gibbo
Its been a while since I saw the maps, but I think the plan was to land at Moreton and then head south to capture Hooton and establish a beach head.

I'd have thought it would be almost impossible to sail the Irish sea without being noticed.
If you still have the maps Gibbo, post them up please. wink

Originally Posted by Locomotive
As an ex Royal Engineer, I don't think the prom wall would have stopped anything.

It would be a deterrent at least.
6 350 Read More
2nd Jul 2020 10:42am
A place I'd love to visit . Easy
154 5,294 Read More
Local News
2nd Jul 2020 1:26am
Originally Posted by Greenwood
Edit: from the Council's facebook page an hour ago - 'Bidston tip remains closed today due to a fire that took place over the weekend. Please do not visit the site. If you are planning a visit to West Kirby or Clatterbridge tips today, please be aware that there may be queues.'

Well someone in the council has still got a sense of humour anyway
7 319 Read More
Wirral Now and Then
29th Jun 2020 6:52pm
Looking through old threads and come across this.
So much changes that you rarely notice until you look at the old pictures.
Great old and new pics Derek, cheers. Pity the flats are knocked down and unable to take some now, haha!
Any more along these lines Derek? wink
39 11,800 Read More
National News
29th Jun 2020 5:24pm

Another desperate plea from the people of Syria who live on the ground there and in amongst the deplorable conditions being thrust upon them.

Is there anyone who has the courage to speak up for these people ? I doubt it, because there are too many cowards in this country, frightened of being black listed due to propaganda that has been fed to and swallowed by the British public.

No MP raises the Syrian crisis , ever. Has any one of them even heard of the Caesar Act ? Has any member of the public heard about the Caesar Act that was implemented last week ?

And yet again ,this will fall on deaf ears and hidden under the carpet in the hope the truth will go away. We call ourselves humanitarians.. what a bloody joke !

The White Helmets constantly financed and supported because it was Jo Cox Foundation that partly funded them. No one would wish to destroy a foundation that was set up in memory of someone who so tragically died, and her good intentions were misguided, but many more have tragically died due to the continual financial support for White Helmets .

A message from Father Daniel.

23 1,705 Read More
Local News
29th Jun 2020 12:57pm
Good news indeed, whats happened to the 40 new hospitals Johnson promised? enough funding for upgrades to six, yet we have him promising more money to build and repair schools? if lies were promises we would be amongst the finest countries in the world, the CONservatives were indeed aptly named.
1 174 Read More
Wirral Council
29th Jun 2020 9:29am
6 407 Read More
Wirral info
29th Jun 2020 9:28am
Vide of new train stopping at Hightown last night:

30 3,215 Read More
Local News
29th Jun 2020 9:26am
Originally Posted by casper
The social media is busy defending LFC supporters apparently those at the pier head weren't supporters, just troublemakers wearing Liverpool shirts and cheering when the fire started, not much condemnation from the media over the illegal gathering outside the ground.

Yep, typical apologists. They're now playing the "he's from Scarisbrick not Liverpool so not a true local" card.

They're even sharing a photo online of a guy in an Everton top who looked a little like him.

It was the same a few years ago when someone made monkey gestures and noises at a match. The defenders had the cheek to say a rival fan had got into the home section and was doing it.
12 519 Read More
Wirral History
29th Jun 2020 8:34am
Originally Posted by daveybm
Not quite the full website, the trade directory links are empty.

Most of the links didn't work last week. It must have been a work in progress because the majority of the site is back up and running now.
10 992 Read More
Wanted - Items
29th Jun 2020 7:01am
Goy one now thanks..........
1 163 Read More
Lost & Found
28th Jun 2020 7:47pm
Looks like the center of a VW hub cap, (Jetta) when you have work done on the wheels/tire's, they don't pop them on properly. My son lost two off his car the day after they had done a tire job. I went to buy two from the VW dealer and they cost $20.00 each over here
1 259 Read More
National News
28th Jun 2020 3:10pm
Originally Posted by casper
simple minded supporters calling anyone who dare criticise events as blue shite perhaps it should mean blue lives matter.

Hahaha! Nice one Casper. Blue lives matter indeed, hahaha!
89 2,944 Read More
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by ultimate. 13th Jun 2020 7:49am
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Wirral rocks
by GaryFromWirral. 9th Jul 2020 6:35pm
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