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by cools. 13th Aug 2018 3:47pm
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by granny. 5th Aug 2018 4:33pm
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by venice. 5th Aug 2018 3:24am
by rocks. 4th Aug 2018 11:25am
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Birkenhead Market.
by venice. 4th Aug 2018 7:54pm
1970's Murder in Central Park, Wallasey
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Sir Thomas Massey Stanley 1841
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by derekdwc. 23rd Jul 2018 9:08pm
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by Detecting_wirral. 17th Aug 2018 10:11pm
What song are you listening to?
by Dilly. 17th Aug 2018 9:20pm
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by diggingdeeper. 17th Aug 2018 11:30am
Opticians and Glasses
by venice. 16th Aug 2018 11:15pm
Need an earth strap fitting....
by gerrymoore. 16th Aug 2018 2:03pm
Xbox One 1tb
by Ocanisak. 16th Aug 2018 1:22pm
Gibson House
by diggingdeeper. 14th Aug 2018 8:59pm
Another plan for Birkenhead
by Gibbo. 14th Aug 2018 10:28am
paint mixing
by gerrymoore. 13th Aug 2018 9:28am
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The Duke of Lancaster
by Gibbo. 7th Aug 2018 11:23am
Ness Gardens Fun Day
by granny. 3rd Aug 2018 1:39pm
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Metal Detecting
16 minutes ago
Thanks DD, I know, the amount of coinage I find is crazy. I don’t mind finding them though haha

Yes cools I’ve got a load of stuff now haha, love finding it all. I couldn’t resist getting the ladybird in on the action as she was right next to the hole haha. The four pence is Maundy money. They done alsorts. Here’s a picture of some other silver coins I have, very small and on a 10p for scale!

[Linked Image]
3 43 Read More
Local News
10 hours ago
Originally Posted by stato
This chap appears to have done a thorough analysis and has captured the fundamental flaws

Its worth a read

Yes, doing exactly what this Government wants, blaming it all on the Council. The Council is forced to produce those documents and know it doesn't look good for them, no doubt in retaliation they have played devils advocate a bit to try and rescue their reputation.

I haven't checked but has the Council said it needs to allocate all that Greenbelt land or is it a list of potential areas for inclusion in the allocation list?

The idea that building expensive luxury houses in greenbelt land gets higher rates is totally flawed, the Council makes more "profit" from high density areas than more sparsely populated areas.

Whatever, the source of the problem is the ONS data that species our projected housing growth, here are some actual figures of housing for Wirral (from ONS), unfortunately its rounded to nearest thousand. Finding tables of historical number homes for Wirral is proving elusive.

2009 107,000
2010 107,000
2011 105,000
2012 105,000
2013 103,000
2014 103,000
2015 101,000
2016 102,000
2017 102,000

But this doesn't necessarily correlate with number of households, I found a figure 0f 154,411 for 2016 for number of households.
80 2,237 Read More
Yesterday at 01:03 PM
Hi Gibbo.....Murphys Law states that the strap over the battery has to hide the date!! If any help, the car was new in July 14 so battery can't be more than 4 years old. It's a big old boy as the car is a 320D with stop/start (that I have programmed out never to darken my door again!!)

The car will start perfectly and then next time it sounds like the battery is flat and it only just turns over but always starts. Sometimes it does it a few times and then not for ten or more's done this since I bought it 18 months ago and has never failed to actually start but sounds dreadful sometimes. A few people passing have said 'only just eh!!'

If you imagine you've left your lights on for a few hours..that's what it sounds like.......sometimes happens straight after a 200 mile run!

I suspected the battery strap as this is a common problem with the F30 apparently but it was fine when Dilly looked at it yesterday....suspects now are lazy starter or possibly the battery...charging circuit seems fine.
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 12:22 PM
this reduced to £145
1 138 Read More
14th Aug 2018 7:59pm
A bit behind schedule but planning permission has gone in to convert Gibson House into 34 apartments and create othe houses and apartment blocks.

52 39,451 Read More
Local News
14th Aug 2018 9:28am
Originally Posted by Excoriator
I can't think of a single reason why anyone would choose to work, live or seek entertainment in downtown Birkenhead when Liverpool is only minutes away.

Cost would have originally been the key factor. But since the downturn on the high street and lots of empty shops and offices, I reckon Liverpool would offer the same or more incentives to move there over Birkenhead.

The only positives for Birkenhead is a nicer view across the river!
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
13th Aug 2018 8:28am
Colourtone in Bromborough .... I took a small part from my 1964 Honda bike and they matched it with one of 1000's of colour chips - I think it was £13 for the aerosol and it matched perfectly.
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Metal Detecting
13th Aug 2018 8:00am
Thanks cools. Yes still on the permission. Waiting for him to cultivate the cropped fields as it’s to hard to detect in the stubble at the moment. So having to stick to the grass fields
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For Sale - Items
12th Aug 2018 3:37pm
We buy tyres if there still legal... we’ll remove from rim so you still have alloys/ steels to weigh in. Price depending on size and tread
1 163 Read More
12th Aug 2018 3:30pm
Assuming it’s a 1.2 turbo model...
First things first, it needs to go on a decent quality diagnostic machine. Renaults and cheap code readers don’t work, once code has been verified you need to look at live data.

With the engine off does the manifold pressure and mass air flow values appear right, where is the egr position?

If they all look ok I’d check intake pipes, boost hoses and intercooler for any splits... sometimes they can be very hard to spot... but keep an eye out for any oil deposits on the hoses and pay careful attention.

Another possibility is the vacuum line going to the turbo actuator or the actuator itself. (Even could be down to the vanes in the turbo sticking.... check actuator rod moves freely by hand)
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For Sale - Items
12th Aug 2018 12:46pm
Now SOLD,Thanks Liam ;-)
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National News
11th Aug 2018 8:49pm
Jesus done a David blame with one and was back for an Easter egg on Sunday so you never know about that ghost
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History Information Request
11th Aug 2018 12:28pm
Liverpool Echo 07 February 1977. Hope it's legible....
11 676 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
10th Aug 2018 1:15pm
It was a shame, the photograph doesn't do it any justice, in real life it was much better looking and much more art deco with the green inserts. Finger is ok, not sore at all, it just wanted to do a mega-bleed, as you pointed out we should have put a prop underneath when I lowered the surround, I'm prone to missing the obvious sometimes.
6 426 Read More
10th Aug 2018 1:11pm

Unbelievable ! He could have easily lost his footing. Surely there must be some rangers around to keep the idiots in line ? There's always ONE crackpot and he could have probably got just a good a photo with a zoom.
186 67,588 Read More
Wanted - Items
10th Aug 2018 8:50am
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National News
10th Aug 2018 12:52am
Originally Posted by granny
Exactly ! So far as the Pentagon staff is concerned , it was said to be a skeleton staff on the day and wasn't that part of the building hit, just been renovated or re-fitted and no one was in the offices ? I'm sure I read something like that.

I remember that being the story as well, that is was closed off for refurbishment, however now the story says 125 Pentagon staff were killed and they had moved in after the refurbishment.
69 2,333 Read More
On the Box
9th Aug 2018 11:48pm
Originally Posted by cools
Nico wasn't always on his own , he had a female gorilla called Samba for over 28 years I think , it's just the last few years he was on his own. He was very well loved Granny and I know what you mean he should never have been taken from the wild in an ideal world but unfortunately this it ain't... he was as Lincle said a magnificent gorilla and apparently had a lovely way about him. Samba and him were more like brother and sister so they never mated so no babies. I think he was happy on the island with his keepers who loved him and pampered him, he even had a tv he could watch , ha.

I'm glad that he had a friend, Cools. I've never followed Animal Park, so as said, previously didn't know about Nico.. At least he enjoyed company of one of his own kind for some of his life. I see their faces and think that they are so close to us, and although unable to talk and go to nightclubs, how much they must suffer in captivity for all their long lives and have to agree with inkle also.

DD... what are the downright lies, and internet trolls you're talking about ? The lies I assume you relate to no elephants there. That could have been an error of judgement as there were elephants there . 5 of them were sent to France. However, it was also initially intended that Anne should have elephant companions, and if they didn't know anything about elephants or Anne before they decided to take her, then that was a bad decision. Maybe she could have had a young orphan elephant as a companion, she would probably have made a good mother with her gentle nature.
When we see how these badly treated elephants from India and other Asian countries have suffered at the hands of owners in temples, logging, giving rides and dressed up for processions with all the dreadful noise they contend with, so far as I know they all seem to settle into their new surroundings at the sanctuaries and in their own time choose their friends or maybe stay independent but they have a choice and make their own choice. Elephants never forget either.
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Street News
9th Aug 2018 10:15pm
Caught in Station Road and detained under the MHA. Maybe can get some needed help.
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Gadgets & Tech
9th Aug 2018 9:01am
I don't know if it's of interest, but I have ball valves so I can isolate washing machine and dishwasher. By experience, I've found the ones with plastic handles are pretty useless - the plastic degrades and falls apart and you have to use a spanner on them. So I've replaced them with ones with big steel handles. These work well, although if not used for a few years they stiffen up a bit, the handles don't fall apart and are big enough for you not to need much strength to move them. A quarter turn goes from fully off to fully on.

Accessibility may remain a problem of course; one doesn't find it quite so easy to grovel under the stairs or at the back of a cupboard at 80 as one does at 18, but at least when you get there you are likely to be able to operate the valve without much difficulty.

Given the cost of putting one of these Water Stop gadgets in place, might it be as cheap to simply have this type of easy to turn stopcock moved somewhere more accessible?
6 252 Read More
Local News
8th Aug 2018 9:44pm
Copy and Paste from New Ferry Online FB Group

IMPORTANT UPDATE: we have a date for the meeting with government - it is 5th September 2018.
All of your statements will be presented then. I want as many of you to be heard as possible, so please get your impact statements in before 31st August, so that I can print them all to present to the minister as a true reflection of how the explosion affected you. He will know, if we tell him. He will know, if I can get together all your statements in time. DO IT NOW, PLEASE!
If you don't like writing, then you can record it as a voice recording and send it to us. I will write it down for you. I will make sure you are heard. Please do read below, to see the 5 simple questions.
We are gathering together the real stories of those affected by the explosion. YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL!
And we are going to present all of your stories to government and the media, to get recognition for the extraordinary disaster that happened to New Ferry on the night of 25th March 2017. Please tell us your story.
How were you, your families, your friends, your businesses, your lives affected by the explosion?
There are only five questions. This is all you need to tell us...

1) Name:

2) Address on 25th March 2017 (the night of the explosion):

3) Place of work on 25th March 2017

4) Short-term impact (the immediate effect the explosion had on you - maybe you lost your home temporarily or permanently, or you had damage to your property, or you were responsible for rehousing those who lost their homes. Maybe you had to care for those who were affected, or you were a volunteer giving assistance. Or maybe you had damage to your business property, or had to relocate or cease trading altogether. Maybe you gave help: financially, materially, physically or emotionally to those affected by the explosion. It could be any number of ways that you were impacted at that time, ways that aren’t mentioned here. These are all valid and important impacts):

5) Long-term impact (the impact that the explosion had on your life – e.g. your health, your home, your family, your finances, your career, your business – how has your future changed as a result of the explosion):

Please email your impact statement to
Say everything you want to say... don't forget anything! But NO abusive language whatsoever or political anger. We would have to remove your statement if you did these. Please, just tell us, and the world, what you have suffered.

These statements, when printed out, will not have your email addresses. And if you want your name removed, we can do that too (although names to stories add weight) but if you want anonymity, then your privacy will be respected completely
70 11,465 Read More
Free Sale
8th Aug 2018 7:10pm
Another pair of older type ("pancake") phones found in the loft

PM me if you want them
First come, first served. Collect Wallasey Village area

0 152 Read More
Jobs - Training
8th Aug 2018 10:25am
urgent start tomorrow

Elite Employment Group - HGV Driving Jobs / Warehouse Jobs UK

Site Operative required for a Water Treatment company based in Wrexham.
Ongoing until at least January 2019, training starts tomorrow 8am-4.30pm then shifts 6am-6pm until next Sunday. After that its ongoing shift work days or nights dependant on availability (always 12hr shifts).

Permanent jobs are available with high salary, company van & mobile phone.

Days £10ph, £15 after 8 hours
Nights £15ph
All shifts Sat & Sun £15
Shift patterns include weekends

Filling Pumps
Watching Spring Unit Doesn't Overflow
Adjusting Gape Valves
Turning Pumps on and Off


Experience working in a similar environment would be an advantage

0151 420 1219
0 136 Read More
Wirral History
7th Aug 2018 5:11pm
Originally Posted by peodude
I didn't realise that the frontage on the current market was a copy of the old market.

Neither did I but as its half the height its nowhere near as impressive.
6 442 Read More
National News
7th Aug 2018 10:06am
Originally Posted by fish5133
Probably right EX... How can any body take anyone seriously who has appeared in the Simpsons..

Has he been in The Simpsons? As a guest voice?

Appearance is no bar to seriousness though. Al Gore and Stephen Hawking have both appeared in The Simpsons and played themselves.
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