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by fish5133. 19th Oct 2018 7:57pm
Wirral War Gaming Club Opening Night .. FREE Entry
by WargamerNik. 17th Oct 2018 9:41am
New Brighton Sunset
by buddy. 15th Oct 2018 11:37am
Auntie Beeb Goes Gay
by fish5133. 13th Oct 2018 12:34am
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757 Rocks Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 8:04pm
756 Scrap Yard Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 8:00pm
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 7:55pm
Mersey Tunnel tolls, 1934
by yoller. 21st Sep 2018 9:32am
1970's Murder in Central Park, Wallasey
by cutespam. 4th Aug 2018 11:28am
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anything good on the box tonight ?
by RUDEBOX. 21st Oct 2018 6:25pm
British Ironworks Centre Oswestry
by missmahjong. 21st Oct 2018 11:20am
Dumb and dumber
by casper. 21st Oct 2018 10:02am
Bus Birkenhead to Llangollen
by ShySusie. 21st Oct 2018 9:46am
More threats to Wirral's Green Belt
by diggingdeeper. 20th Oct 2018 11:35pm
What song are you listening to?
by Dilly. 20th Oct 2018 9:18pm
Old adult bikes wanted cheap or free?
by rhoobarb2002. 20th Oct 2018 7:43pm
Processed Meat
by ShySusie. 20th Oct 2018 10:59am
756 Scrap Yard Wallasey Road Liscard
by ShySusie. 20th Oct 2018 8:37am
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British Ironworks Centre Oswestry
by missmahjong. 21st Oct 2018 11:20am
1950's Museum Denbigh
by cools. 13th Oct 2018 10:13am
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On the Box
29 minutes ago
Last part of The Cry. Second part of Butterfly. smile
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National News
8 hours ago
looks like the realisation of what he's done is beginning to sink in, he's not at home in the good old UK were you can virtually do as you please without fear of consequences, the excuses being put forward too drunk to write properly, don't remember a thing, yet in the paper it clearly shows what has been written in a clear and steady hand, not only stupid but also a liar.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
9 hours ago
Awww thanks everyone that is really helpful xx
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Local News
Yesterday at 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by locomotive
What happened to the money that this council had lent to other Councils, approx £51,700,00 since 2013/14, have they had it back? or why haven't they? surely they can't be bankrupt with all that money out on loan, or is there something we don't know about.

Looking through their accounts I can't see those LA loans, "other local authorities" owe the Council £1.1m.

They pale into insignificance compared to the £170m the Council owe.
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Wanted - Items
Yesterday at 06:43 PM
Have a mens mountain bike in need of TLC. May be of some use to you. Free
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
Yesterday at 07:37 AM
Just checked again and did not get the dodgy pages but did see this written by the owners.....

'For friendly dogs! Please ensure your perfect pooch is kept on their lead and not a nuisance to our patrons or neighbours'

Beside it is a picture of an unleashed dog on the table drinking out of a cup! Haha!
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History Information Request
Yesterday at 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by Csones
Am also trying to find him does anyone know his date of birth x

If you go on Peoplefinder 192 there are three Mark Glyn Roberts listed in the UK. You will need to buy credits to see full addresses though.
15 2,194 Read More
National News
19th Oct 2018 2:54pm
OMG! I want to go to Scotland tonight!

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National News
19th Oct 2018 12:29pm
Yes, 1926 it was. Great.

The full transcript is on one of the research sites, but I don't have the link to hand right now. They are a good read if you can't get to sleep...
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Wirral info
19th Oct 2018 9:30am
Originally Posted by ShySusie
My friend in the flatlet above lets me hook up to her Wifi. I cannot afford my own.

Tut tut. That's a breach of the terms of their contract.
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Local News
18th Oct 2018 1:49pm
You need to see the breakdown of the trades that are going to be made redundant, as a lot of the work involved on supporting the likes of the RFA tankers will not need many of the steel work trades.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
18th Oct 2018 9:39am
that's old age Dilly
4 249 Read More
17th Oct 2018 5:02pm
cheers guys. not quite that simple as its not around here. Will be doing it "online" so to speak.
3 263 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
17th Oct 2018 10:56am
Happy 'Hour' 12:00 - 19:00 .
2 201 Read More
Leisure & Hobbies
17th Oct 2018 8:41am
Just a quick update on our Wargaming Club.

Tonight is Opening Night.

To celebrate, we are offering FREE entry (normally £3) and entry, via a draw, to a game of Sabacc.
The winner of which will walk away with a cool set of Solo Dice!!

Join us at the Carrbridge Community Centre, Woodchurch (next door to the Swimming Baths) .. Doors open at 6.30pm .. Over 18's only, please.

Bring your armies, books, dice, rulers, terrain etc. Come along and play, or, meet and chat with like minded gamers.

Board and card gamers welcome too.

email for further details!!
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
16th Oct 2018 6:55pm
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
0 105 Read More
Jobs - Training
16th Oct 2018 3:14pm
Production/Factory staff -Bromborough
Previous experience 6-6 days or nights available £8.75 Up to 42 hours £13.13
FLT Counterbalance Drivers also required £8.75 For more info or to apply you need to call Meridian on 01244 304360
0 124 Read More
National News
15th Oct 2018 12:32am
But your statement was perfectly true anyway.
7 702 Read More
National News
13th Oct 2018 9:52pm
30 1,326 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
13th Oct 2018 2:10pm
Hi Fish, I need small amount of pointing to brickwork under bathroom window & a coping stone on low wall re-cementing. My useless Son needs kitchen drawer fixing & kitchen tap replacing. My neighbour needs fence fixing & wood panelling in her porch fixing back on battens & replacing around window recesses. Interested?
2 336 Read More
Local News
13th Oct 2018 11:02am
Peel just use us as a portfolio builder, the more shoit they have on their portfolio the bigger their plus financial balance on the books. They've got stuff all over the place that they're doing nothing with. Would love to know what this new pavement down the mills is all about though, go past there quite often and never see anyone walking along there. Maybe I just go by at the wrong times.
10 568 Read More
National News
12th Oct 2018 11:35am
Haha! Had visions of the dog dancing about in a kilt!!

How on earth do you being to explain what happened to you?

I should be none too pleased if I was on a date and the guy said 'Oh by the way you need to know that a dog ate my dick...'

I would be on the next bus home I can tell you.

'The sauce of it!' I would think to myself.
3 315 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
12th Oct 2018 5:57am
OMG!! That is so mad! Hahha!
5 427 Read More
Free Sale
11th Oct 2018 10:11pm
Thanks Gerry, good to see you again.
2 244 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
11th Oct 2018 10:00pm
Another picture of Bridge Inn with Victoria Bridge, the bridge was built in 1897 but became defunct in 1907 when the creek was filled in, apparently the bridge structure is still in-situ.
12 4,984 Read More
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Electric Bass Guitar / and amp
by gerrymoore. 22nd Sep 2018 8:54am
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Bus Birkenhead to Llangollen
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