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* Your Antivirus and Firewall software could be removed without warning !!

But No warning that my current Antivirus and Firewall will be removed.

The advice is to go to your Antivirus or Firewall software provider and check its compatibility.
If its not compatible the advice would probably be to uninstall prior to the upgrade.
In my case the upgrade removed my Antivirus and Firewall software without any warnings.
And replaced it with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall ?? (At least there is something).

[Linked Image]

Windows 10 did not predict any hardware problems only a software conflict / incompatibility.
However windows 10 afterwards Device Manager showed 3 Unknown Devices.
See the image below, under "Other Devices"

[Linked Image]

This is how you can check in Windows 10 your Hardware is working as it should be.
Click the Start Button and the Settings Icon, just above the power button.

[Linked Image]

On the Setting page use the search top right to search for "Device manager"

[Linked Image]

And when the Results drop in select "Device Manager"

[Linked Image]

Hopefully you will not have any "Unknown Devices" !!

If you have any other issues please share with us.

No warning about the removal of my Internet Security was pretty bad i thought.
And Windows got it wrong about my compatible hardware also.

I'm sure in time it will come good, but at this time of posting, im going to now give it at least 3 months.

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