I have a virus is a title I'm using to get your attention, and just to be maybe more aware of what those viruses are and what they can do. They don't all break your device you know !!

* Computers
* Tablets
* Mobile Phones

I want to give you some basic steps as prevention but also show you why its important to have some basic knowledge. And just what a cutting edge virus is capable off.

This first video just shows you what is possible, you may think its over the top for your little device at home or in your pocket. . . . . . But is it !!!

Prevention ! - Not all viruses will break your computer or even show there hand to you, so unless you have something checking, that knows how to check then you just never know.

This video introduces you to what they are in a nice simple explained way, so you dont have to be a geek to follow, but just making you more aware.

If you think your infected or need more advise please drop me a private message Click Me and i will help you as best as i can, or you can post below and we can give you general help.

My own personal opinion is to pay for your internet security, i don't have a preference just the free ones are not always a complete package. And they have become a lot cheaper over the years.

Sometimes the only way to be rid of a virus is to wipe all your data and re-install all over again.
You may not even see the damage until its too late.
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