The 880bhp Cerbera TVR Speed 12 is back. Massive -- and massively powerful and quick -- it's been very active in the media over the last week or so, with appearances on Channel 5's Fifth Gear, the ITN News, Nuts Magazine, the TVR Car Club's Sprint magazine and a world exclusive in EVO Magazine, where the car was tested on track and the road; thanks to Evo's John Barker for a great report.

That's because, after languishing in a corner of the TVR factory in Blackpool, it's been bought by an anonymous individual who set abnout restoring it. The only road-going Speed 12, it provides a power to weight ratio of 917bhp per ton.

The Speed 12's official site (see below for link) is developing quickly and has added some in car film footage taken at Silverstone recently as well as many current and historical galleries.

The Speed 12 also features in the new Sony Playstation Gran Turismo 4 game launched last month in London.

Official Web site is Here