List of some books I wish to give away.Might suit a student.
Please PM with your phone number if you are interested:

1) Kwame Dawes: (a) Natural Mysticism (Towards a new Reggae Aesthetic)(b) Shook Foil ( a collection of Reggae Poems)signed copy(c)Requiem (Lament for the Dead of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade)signed copy

2) Robert Beckford: Dread and Pentecostal(A Political Theology for the Black Church in Britain)

3) Colin Channer:(a)Waiting in vain (b) Satisy My Soul (c) Passing Through)Best-selling Author (Caribbean Novels described as sizzling and wildly entertaining)

(4)Tupac Shakur:The Rose That Grew From Concrete(Written in his own hand at age nineteen, these poems convey his intimate thoughts and are a mirror into his enigmatic life. He recorded twelve landmark albums nine of which went platinum or gold and appeared in six major films.Tupac was murdered at age twenty five).

(5)The Rough Guide to South Africa Lesotho and Swaziland 2002 version.