With members showing intrest in being apart of this years DVD we need to
get the material together to to compile it all together.

The best way to do this is an End of year DVD.
Where we have footage from events and cruises
to add to members contributions.

So hopefully it will be jam packed with action.

Your Footage
You will need to Burn it to a CD or DVD in a video format.
AVI, Windows Meadia Player preffered.
As we can not guarantee that our software will
merge any other formats together.

Drop your video off at a memember meet,
with you name on the disc (Member Name).

And it will be archived ready for the big DVD towards the end of the year.

We hope to also use the idea's that members have put together too.
Making a great DVD for all of 2006.

If your intrested copy and paste the list.

1 = Scooby
2 = Scoop
3 = Jimbo
4 = webby
5 = Stubbzy
6 = Martypalin
7 = Cali 16v (daz106)
8 = Scotty
9 = lawton
10 = CorsaJohn
11 = AX_125
12 = Miek
13 = sted
14 = John WRX
15 = Gadget
16 = StuyMac (As long as its late in April or after)

Content idea's :

1 = Flamers
2 = Convoy footage
3 = Quarter mile footage
4 = Rolling road footage
5 = Those nifty,overtaking the camera shots lol
6 = Light show
7 = ICE Battle
8 = Video to Amirillo with cars lol..
9 = Cars shown at different cw sponser locations
10 = Nighttime footage definately
11 = Matbre some racing of members cars on private land. Or at a track day/strip
12 = Exhaust soundoff
13 = Wimmin (don't they all have them?)
14 = Splash Drive ( Going through a megga puddle / stream)
15 = Scoobyshootout 2006 and ten of the best 2006 - ill get some in car footage from mine (john wrx)

Keep the idea's and banter coming. happy
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