Local motorbike club http://www.openairriders.co.uk/ has organized a marathon 'stay on your bike for 24 hours ' event in aid of Parkgate Pony Sanctuary , who have recently had their field gate smashed and horse trailer stolen .

Its going to be held in the Sanctuary's fields next to the nurseries , just up from the Boathouse Restaurant on Boathouse Lane Parkgate. Apart from the odd 5 min safety break, riders must stay on their bikes and drink, eat etc whilst riding around the arena . These riders are asking to be sponsored to raise money for the sanctuary. You can drop in anytime but especially Sunday and give a few bob , watch the antics , have some bike chat, and grab a drink and a bite. Good cause .

The following Sat and Sun are the Pony Sanctuary's open days


A real family treat . Rides, stalls, games and lots more. Please support them - so much effort goes into the organizing and the money raised is crucial for Winter feed and needs.

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