Hi! I've been trying for many years now to find any kind of photograph of my Grandfather, without success. He died before I was born, when my Mum was just 11. She's now 67 and has just one very blurry photograph of him.

I would ideally like a photo of him in his army uniform, (he served in WW1) as my Mum never knew him as a young man, (she was from his 2nd marriage, he re-married at 54.) But any photo will do.

His details are as follows;

NAME: James William Wilson (1895 - 1957)
BORN: 03/10/1895 in 42 Watson Street, Birkenhead (birth record 8a, 475.
PARENTS: William Wilson (1867-1949) and Mary Hall (c1866.)
SERVED IN WW1 and found on 1918 Absent Voters List as living in 86 Dacre Street, Birkenhead with regimental number 112564 GNR 31st A.A. Co. R.G.A

I've researched my family tree, looked at censuses, been on Ancestry.com and army websites, etc, and I'm still no closer to finding a photo.

I wonder if anyone here can help me, or advise me on what else I can try? My Mum loved her Dad very much, and she's missed him all her life, I would dearly love to give her the comfort of seeing his face again.