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#723392 - 9th Sep 2012 11:34pm 96 lives

my heart goes out with deep sympathy to the all the familys of the 96 fans were unlawfully killed on 15th april 1989 watching a game of football.

I have always known the truth & regardless of what the publication states when published on wednesday, I will never forget or forgive that truth.

I hope & pray they all rest in peace.

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#723611 - 10th Sep 2012 5:58pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
nickie Offline

Registered: 8th May 2008
Posts: 109
Loc: wirral
JFT 96


#723735 - 11th Sep 2012 12:03am Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
Driver Offline

Registered: 8th Sep 2012
Posts: 18
Loc: Wallasey


#723759 - 11th Sep 2012 6:58am Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
feisort Offline

Registered: 3rd Jul 2010
Posts: 27
Loc: B'head
I really hope all the families get the truth, and justice for their loved ones, I'm just not convinced it will ever come out.

RIP. never forgotten.

#723876 - 11th Sep 2012 3:50pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]

A TWO-minute silence will be observed at 3.06pm on Wednesday in memory of the 96 people who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy. Wednesday will be a historic day in the fight for justice as thousands of documents on the disaster will be disclosed, and the Independent Hillsborough Panel will release its report. The silence will start at 3.06pm, and the bells at Liverpool Town Hall, Municipal Buildings on Dale Street and Liverpool Parish Church will ring out 96 times. Flags at council buildings will be flown at half mast. National Museums Liverpool will also be observing the silence. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said: 'On 12 September we are hoping to get the truth of what happened more than 23 years ago. 'The importance of this day cannot be underestimated, as it will trigger the start of a process which will lead to justice for everyone affected by the tragedy. 'I am asking for people to pause for just a couple of minutes at 3:06pm, at the moment when people lost their lives, as a mark of respect to those affected.' There will also be a civic vigil at St George's Plateau on Wednesday for people to come together to support the Hillsborough families. People will start to arrive from 5pm for a period of quiet reflection accompanied by music from Jonathan Aasgaard, Principal 'Cellist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and a brass band. There will also be a performance of a specially commissioned musical work. The slow air 'April 15th 1989' has been written and will be performed by Terry Clarke-Coyne, a leading member of the eminent Liverpool Irish musical family. It is Terry's reflection on the tragedy, and the dignity of the families of those who lost their lives and everyone who suffered because of what happened that day. The formal proceedings for the vigil start at 6pm and will be led by Mayor Anderson accompanied by members of Liverpool FC academy. There will be prayers from faith leaders including the Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool -the Right Reverend Tom Williams, the Archdeacon of Liverpool -the Venerable Ricky Panter and Reverend Bill Bygroves, the Chaplain of Liverpool FC. Representatives of the families will also address the audience. The names and ages of those who died will be read by representatives of Liverpool FC. Music during the vigil will be provided by the Love & Joy Gospel Choir and Alan Burke, Ian Prowse and Terry Clarke-Coyne -all members of the Irish Sea Sessions -will perform a version of Pete Wylie's song 'Heart As Big As Liverpool,' with Mersey Wylie, Pete's daughter, among the backing singers. The proceedings will conclude with the singing of You'll Never Walk Alone. The event is expected to finish at around 7pm.

Lime Street and St John's Lane will be closed from 4pm to road traffic.

#724088 - 12th Sep 2012 8:23am Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
RedLance Offline

Registered: 10th Apr 2012
Posts: 108
Loc: Birkenhead

We are holding the 2 minutes silence in work which I think is great and will be encouraging everyone to turn up this afternoon.

#724102 - 12th Sep 2012 9:45am Re: 96 lives [Re: RedLance]
RedMen231 Offline

Registered: 7th Apr 2011
Posts: 219
Loc: wirral

Attachments: Viewing Permissions May Apply. Click Me

#724152 - 12th Sep 2012 12:09pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
feisort Offline

Registered: 3rd Jul 2010
Posts: 27
Loc: B'head
our place is observing the 2 min silence, even our resident mancunian, it's great to see reds and blues (and mancs!) come together to reflect on the tragedy of hillsborough.

#724180 - 12th Sep 2012 2:27pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
dizdazdoz Offline

Wise One

Registered: 17th Jan 2010
Posts: 872
Loc: Here
Full report if you want to read it HERE

#724187 - 12th Sep 2012 3:08pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
delta6 Offline

Registered: 24th Apr 2009
Posts: 498
Loc: Moreton

#724188 - 12th Sep 2012 3:19pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
gopher Offline

Registered: 6th Nov 2010
Posts: 163
Loc: Tranmere Birkenhead
Merseyrail observed the 2 minutes silence as well R.I.P. THE 96

Edited by gopher (12th Sep 2012 3:19pm)

#724195 - 12th Sep 2012 3:49pm Re: 96 lives [Re: gopher]
reddragon Offline
Forum Guardian

Registered: 22nd Mar 2010
Posts: 3902
Loc: bromborough/wirral
R.I.P. THE 96
ALWAYS REMEMBER BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU:::::::: Have a nice day and an even better one tomorrow

#724512 - 13th Sep 2012 2:00pm Re: 96 lives [Re: ]
SoundLad Offline

Are you SoNutz?
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Aug 2007
Posts: 2987
Loc: Birkenhead, United Kingdom
Truth at last. Justice for the 96. Now is the beginning to the end of what should of never happened.. Let alone covered up for so long. Respect and Regards goes out to all of those 96 lives lost as well as to the familys. It starts. JFT96.. YNWA.
Lee Mills


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