This was bought Brand New on 01/06/2012 @ a cost of 103.99.
Still have receipt for it, and is still under guarentee untill 01/06/2017.
I will give receipt to purchaser.

A Bargain @ 50 I am able to deliver it, but will need 30 mins notice so I can arrange a lift.

The performance battery for vehicles with enhanced comfort and safety features.
Advantages of the Bosch S5 075 battery
30% higher cold-start performance than with conventional car batteries.
30% longer service life and excellent cold-start power thanks to pioneering PowerFrame technology.
Reliable start even at extreme temperatures.
Additional power for vehicles with enhanced comfort and safety features (DVD, Sat Nav, Electronic Hand Brake, ESP) and for vehicles used for towing caravans and trailers.
Voltage: 12V
Start-up Power: 600 amps
AH Value: 61 Ah
Bench Charge: 6 amps
Weight: 14.9 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 242 x 175 x 175 mm

Tec sheet

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