Just found out about this from the Talk Audio forum!!!!!

This is a big topic folks and could affect anyone modifying a car in the UK very soon basically what they are trying to do from what I can make out is be able to inspect any modded car and possibily change its registration number. Basically its going to cost anyone modding cars Money and cause hassle for the owner!!!!!!


PLEASE everybody interested in being able to continue to engine swap, tube frame or significantly visually alter motor vehicles in the UK go to the DVLA web site and go through the nausea of completing thier online submission - also please request a copy of the consultation paper. Doesn't matter if you don't read it - they judge strength of public feeling on the number of them that the send out.

basically they are trying to screw anyone moddifying a car, and particularly those of us moddifying older cars (not allowing fitting of more modern components without having to re-register on a Q plate, having to go the SVA for your mods every time, etc.)

BTW kit means kit car built to original kit car spec not fitting a body kit.

Deadline is 19th July, they're sneaked this f*cker on us without any anouncement.


EDIT: please copy the link and post it on any other suitable web sites. The consultation list they have for this excercise includes such bodies as "The Christian Road Safety League" and RoSPA and the Vehicle Scrap Dismantlers Association, and not anyone to do with modifying cars or the moddified vehicle industry - need as much support for this as possible.

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