Wikiwirral have generously allowed us to promote an ongoing project where your memories really can help others.

For those older people with Dementia & Alzheimer's, the past is often the only thing left which makes sense. But the disease destroys those distant memories over time. We have an ongoing project to help people locally and across the country recall those happy and useful times. Sharing your stories and photos will not only help recall happy times but may also help people in their daily lives.

Posting here is fine (agreed with Mark)where we'd like you to record memories and photos of the late 40's and 50's. That's aimed at people who are 70 to 100+ today.

Thankfully we're not looking for more recent memories. We're very interested if you worked at Cammell Laird's in particular during that period but other large employers and even village life is important.

There's no hard and fast rules as to what to post. Who knows what will work for someone.

"Thanks for the memories" as they say.

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