Just for anyone who was involved in the Falklands Task Force you may find this of interest. It was sent via the Submariners Association (Sam was in boats as well) from his family and in particular his wife.

Sam wanted his ashes scattered over HMS Sheffield, so last week our three sons (George, Charlie and Tom) and I carried out his wishes with the help of HMS Clyde, the Falkland Islands protection vessel.
atrocious weather delayed our plans but we finally went to sea on Thursday 16th December and at 2045 on a calm, clear night we scattered his ashes, dropped the casket and laid a wreath over the place where the Sheffield lies. It is good to know Sam is finally with his beloved ship and with the men who gave their lives in 1982. In his jotting he wrote:

"My three months in command of Sheffield were amongst the happiest and most rewarding time of my naval career. we were a team in a ship that had a marvellous personality and was well received wherever she went. The ship and her men had a great affinity for each other and the whole company had a fine spirit and an indiviual proud identity. Sheffield was our ship, our home, our life......"

we are so grateful that our trip to the Falkland Islands was possible and are indebted to those who helped us to undertake Sam's request. May he now rest in peace.

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