Hunt for Wirral car parts thieves

POLICE are hunting a gang in connection with the thefts of car parts from a Wirral van hire company depot.

Within the last three weeks, West Wallasey Van Hire has been targeted by the gang many times.

Paul Kenny, manager of the family-run business, told the Globe that expensive catalytic converters and front bumpers are among the items taken during the raids on the depot, which is situated on an industrial estate near Leasowe Road. It is used by the firm to store their fleet of cars and vans.

The company is offering a £2,000 reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible. They have also reported the thefts to police, who have stepped up patrols in the area.

Paul Kenny told the Globe: "Whoever has stolen these car parts are highly skilled criminals who are targeting specific high value parts.

"We've had things go missing in the past, but it's never been as sustained as this. If it continues then it would be problematic for us.

"It's an ongoing problem, but it's not just affecting our business. I have spoken to people living in nearby houses who have had bikes stolen.

"There have been a considerable number of recent thefts in the area which is causing considerable concern for the neighbourhood and West Wallasey alike.

"A lot of the neighbours are so concerned about whatís going on that they have had cctv installed on their properties. That's sad, because it's not a bad area.

"We are working closely with the police, our neighbours and the local taxi drivers and are offering a reward of £2,000 for information leading to a successful prosecution of the offenders and a return of the parts.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the thefts. A spokesman said: ďThe depot has been targeted by thieves three times in as many weeks and they have taken a car door, headlights and catalytic converters amongst other items.

"Police patrols have been stepped up in the area and regular checks are being made on the depot by officers.

"But they do not believe other businesses in the area are at an increased risk as they think the thieves have targeted a specific company and are stealing parts to order."