Wirral housing estate makes a stand against the yobs

Residents of a Wirral housing estate have been applauded for making a stand against yobbish behaviour.

Following a combined crackdown on anti-social behaviour - involving Wirral anti-social behaviour team, Merseysuide Police and Beechwood and Ballantyne Housing Association - enforcement action was taken against adults and young people whose behaviour had affected the quality of life of many residents.

Cllr Chris Blakeley, Wirral Council cabinet member for housing and community safety, said: "This action shows what can be done with the support of local residents.

"I would like to thank those residents who came forward to provide information and took a stand against this unacceptable behaviour.

"I hope that the action that was taken and how this has been fed back reassures residents that their complaints are both listened to and responded to.”

The multi-agency process, which deals with all young people engaged in, or at risk of engaging in, anti-social behaviour, has seen 23 young people from the estates dealt with over recent months.

Of those young people 15 received formal warnings for their behaviour, five were issued with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and two issued with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

One household was served with notice of eviction by the social landlord, BBCHA, and multiple households received warnings about the risk to their tenancies if the behaviour continued.

The combined action culminated in a property, which was a hot-bed of anti-social behaviour on the Ballantyne estate, being targeted by the agencies following repeated complaints by the public and an application was made by Merseyside Police for a Closure Order to seal the property for three months.

As a result, the tenant relinquished their tenancy and left, ending a catalogue of complaints related to alleged drug dealing and nuisance, including large gatherings of young people causing intimidation, fighting, engaging in threatening behaviour, cars speeding and the use of weapons.

Caroline Laing, manager of Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team, said: "Only a small number of individuals have been responsible for this behaviour and they have been targeted and dealt with robustly.”

Inspector Roy McGregor from Merseyside Police’s Laird Street neighbourhood team added: "A team of dedicated officers across the agencies have worked together to hold these individuals accountable for their actions.”

Andy Hall, managing director of Beechwood & Ballantyne Community Housing Association, said: "The quality of life of local residents was being ruined by a few; some residents and their families were suffering significantly at the hands of a small number of inconsiderate and anti-social individuals.

"This difference this action has made to the community cannot be underestimated.”