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#417426 - 30th Jun 2010 3:52pm Shopping In...Liscard

A special preview of July's update for the Wiki peeps. This is a look at the changing face of Liscard shopping. So much more information can be found by simply just clicking on the link at the foot of the thread. Simples!

Shopping In Liscard
Going Up To Liscard

To most people from Wallasey this means going to shop in Liscard Road or Liscard Village, those being the main shopping areas of Wallasey. When the modern shopping malls or precincts with their all undercover facilities became popular, it was not surprising that Liscard Road was chosen as the area for the Cherry Tree Centre, opened in 1991 by TV and local celebrity Cilla Black.

This was built on land behind the shops at the top of the road, which had been cleared some years before by the demolition of the residential area of Conway Street (a little of which is still there today), Greenfield Street, Rossett Place and Tower Street (now the high-rise flats of 'Liscard House'.)

The car park was formerly part of the grounds of Marymount Convent. Other changes in this area of Liscard had been made with the introduction of the one-way traffic system in February 1970, and the closure of that part of Liscard Road to vehicles.

This list of shops and businesses, compiled from Kelly's Directories for 1921, 1941 and 1964, were all situated on the right hand side of the road (going up towards Liscard Village) of Liscard Road, Wallasey, commencing just before the junction with Westminster Road. It was here that the original main Post Office of Wallasey was situated, until the present main office was built, after 1913 (though in turn it is now the parcel depot). Next door was the well-known Panter-Bricks Shoe Shop, demolished when the one-way system was constructed. The bank building, still there, was next, then the most famous pawn shop in Wallasey - 'Charles Fry'.

Continuing upwards was Downes & Roberts, Cake Shop, which later on became one of the first TV shops (DER) in the 1960s Next was the 'Bata' shoe shop (in the 1940's) then Owen & Lammie ironmongers (who also had a shop on Market Street, Hoylake, run by the Naisbitt family). Followed by Dewhurst butchers and then Macfisheries. At the site of the present McDonalds was Liscard Crescent, at the corner of which was the large building belonging to the Birkenhead Co-Op which use to be Liscard Motor Depot And Garage. The old original building was replaced by a post-war concrete affair, since demolished to make room for the present buildings. At the back of this area was a row of cottages known as Pear Tree Grove.

Carrying on, we come to James Coombes Boot Repairers, then the English Leather Shoe Shop, up to the entry leading to Field Cottages situated between Liscard Road and Liscard Crescent. (The sign is still there on the passage-way, but the cottages were demolished long ago).

Next was Lavins Fishmongers and Boots as at present since the 1930's onto Johnsons Cleaners and the Finalayson's Opticians - later Coombes shoe repair shop had moved up from lower down the road. We arrive at Woolworths which was opened in 1930 on the site of Harrop's Coal Yard. When the store opened all the prices were either 3d or 6d, hence its original name of '3d/6d' Bazaar'.

The side passage through to Liscard Crescent is still there, and above that was the Marypole (Buttermakers) which came in the early 1920s through to the 1960s, next to Kenny Campbell's Sports Shop (who was a goal keeper for Liverpool and New Brighton F.C and passed away in 1971). This area has been taken over by Barclays Bank, which extended down from Liscard Village.

In the 1930's, on the right hand side of Liscard Road and starting from Wallasey Road, was Gowers drapery shop and next door was a stationers run by Harry Howes. Harold Williams opened a fine gents outfitters at No. 309 in the early thirties. Bill Paterson had a boot shop followed by Joe Bennett's grocery, which use to belong to Thompson and Sons. St. Mary's Schools were opposite Boots the Chemists. It opened as a Mission house in 1870, St. Hilary's Church looking after the Mission until approximately the following year, when the Revd. A. Maitland was made the first vicar. It became St. Mary's Girls' School with Miss E. Elkin as Headmistress and Miss M. Lovell was in charge of the infants. Marks and Spencers acquired the building and opened a store on the site of the old school in 1935. They were bombed out in 1941 and opened for a time in Wallasey Road. The 1946 Kelly Directory bears witness that Marks and Spencers had not yet returned to Liscard Road. After the site was rebuilt they returned and traded there until they closed the branch in 1990. The local Spiritualists had used part of the school in previous years. At a later day the Adele Fashion Shop opened in Mrs. Sirothin's old shop. They modernised the premises and sold the latest fashions.

On the corner of Greenfield Street was a furniture shop called the Manor Furnishing Company and next to that was a confectioners run by Mrs. Mary Seesfelt. Richard Mason the ironmonger was next at No. 285. This was where Hepworth's Mens Outfitters eventually opened. Edwards' grocery stores were at the corner of Rossett Place. This is where Easiphit the shoe shop opened. On the other corner was Lloyds the drapers' shop and at No.279 we had the Co-op shoe shop, a shop that became Pegram's when the Co-op moved to their new store on the opposite side of the road. Bushell's the butchers were next and were there for many years. Next came Mr. Welton's chemist shop. This shop later became Addyman's leather shop, which had moved there from Liscard Village. He eventually sold the business to Shuttleworths. The ladies fashion shop was at No. 273.

Queen's Hall once stood on the block buildings by Leopold Steet (later changed to Tower Street). There was a concert hall above with large windows and arched at the top and shops beneath, on the ground level. One of these was May Goodwyn's Laundry. Later the building was taken over by Wilson and Wilson's the auctioneers. The business was established by A.H and H.T Wilson. It was later run by Mr. A.H Wilson and his two sons, Jack and Duncan. The business had been established in 1900. Bill Armstrong was the landlord of the Tower Hotel in the 1930s.

As time went on we had Sayers Cake Shop at No.299 and Milton's the paint shop at No. 293. Timpsons' shoe shop (later moving to the other side of the road), Playfair (shoe shop), John Manners, the outfitters, and Costigan the grocers. Boots the Chemists, in the 1920's, was on the corner of Mill Lane before moving to their present site in the 1930's. Moody's wine store was at No. 295 though in the 1946 Kelly Directory the building is not listed due to being vacant because of bomb damage.

In the thirties we had Smith's Stores at 285 and then there was Mrs. Sirothin's ladies wear. Next was Horn's ladies outfitters and the Misses Annie and Alice Ogg had the hardware shop which was eventually taken over by Martin's the cleaners. Trapewell Brothers were the butchers (later Taylor's) and then we had Samuel Henderson the grocer who specialised in stocking various brands of tea at No. 249, which was later taken over by Costigans.

259 The Tower Hotel
271 Tandy Hi-Fi Shop
273-277 Cordon Bleu Freezer Food Center
279-281 Lotus Footwear
283 Curry's
285 Milton's Footwear
287 Rediffusion TV Rental
289 John Menzies
291-295 Littlewoods
297 Leeds Permannent Building Society
299 Ripolin Wallpaper / Paint
301-305 Marks & Spencers
307 Trueform
309 Burton's
311-313 Kwik Save

236 Midland Bank
238-242 Vacant
244 Vacant
246 J. Toner Footwear
248 Woodhouse Furniture & Carpets
250-254 Blundell Ltd House Furnishers
256 Peacock Menswear
258 Liscard Pantry Cafe
260-272 Vacant
274 Timpsons
276 Thomas Cook Travel Agents
278-280 Boots
282 Johnsons Dry Cleaners
284 Coombes
288 Woolworths
290 Barclays

For more on Shopping In Liscard, including looking at retailers at the end of the 19th Century as well as the 1920s, 1930s etc then simply click here :-

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#417434 - 30th Jun 2010 4:25pm Re: Shopping In...Liscard [Re: ]
davew3 Offline
Forum Guide

Registered: 16th Jun 2009
Posts: 1024
Loc: Wirral
Stopped going to Licard and Birkenhead ages ago,both have fallen into the big hole of too many clothing shops and parking charges just not worth it,I go to Ellesmere Port and Widnes both markets are very good and parking charges 50pX2hrs and Widnes no charge even Mold parking is 20p all day,I think we were short changed when they decided we were getting shopping precincts in the 60/70s they killed off some good shops ,Liscard was always considered a worthwhile bus trip to shop.

#417467 - 30th Jun 2010 7:03pm Re: Shopping In...Liscard [Re: davew3]
chev_chelios Offline
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Registered: 30th Jul 2009
Posts: 5948
Loc: the village of wallasey
Where was belvidere terrace?

#417468 - 30th Jun 2010 7:08pm Re: Shopping In...Liscard [Re: davew3]
Longnails Offline

Registered: 12th Jun 2010
Posts: 167
Loc: Wirral
This brings back memories of the 70's.
I worked as a ledger clerk near Hamilton Square but we also had a shop and office in Liscard Road,I think it was 256/258? It was a furniture shop back then. We all mainly used the back entrance to the office in Liscard Crescent. We would go there to help out when the office was short staffed and this happened quite a lot.
This post has evoked some very happy memories; thankyou.

#417482 - 30th Jun 2010 8:08pm Re: Shopping In...Liscard [Re: chev_chelios]

Originally Posted By: stephen1972
Where was belvidere terrace?

The answer is on my new update - "Liscard Shopping Centre
" - look at No 276 to 296....


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