Horror horse attack by yobs

A HORSE was pelted with golf balls by raiders who broke into a Wirral stable at the weekend.

Freddie, a 12-year-old thoroughbred racer, was found distressed and thrashing his legs on the ground following the incident at The Glebeland Stable in Rectory Road, West Kirby.

His owners believe the attack may have then helped bring on a gastric condition called colic.

Freddie, who had cuts to his head and torso, was taken to Leahurst Veterinary Hospital for an operation on his stomach which lasted four hours.

The golf ball incident is believed to have occurred sometime between late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning.

Fifteen golf balls were found near the spot where Freddie lay, along with empty beer bottles and cans.

Police say they are investigating and CCTV cameras are to be installed.

Annabel Haskin, the stable owner whose uncle Peter Finnegan found Freddie told the Globe: "It just sickens me that anyone can do this and get away wiith it.

"All we can think of is that someone has been on the site in the evening when it's got dark and thrown golf balls at the horses to put them into distress.

"I really cannot understand the mentality of people who do this.

"We can't be 100 per cent certain that it was youths who did this, but what is for sure is that the horse was put under a hell of a lot of stress.

"He underwent the operation and luckily, got through it. But the next 72 hours are crucial for his survival.

"Anyone who hurts animals or children needs putting down. What happened to Freddie is terrible."

Any witnesses should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.