Man 'lashed out' at police officers

A YOUNG man facing Wirral Magistrates on police assault charges had come out worse during the incident, claimed defence solicitor Simon Simmonds.

Mr Simmonds said Jonathon Humphreys, 20, sustained injuries which included a broken wrist.

Humphreys admitted assaulting WPC Laura MacKenzie and Cons Steve Passey in January.

Mr Simmonds said a third party called the police after Humphreys and his partner were involved in an argument.

The defendant reacted the wrong way when officers appeared and he accepted he lashed out at the female officer and kicked out at the male officer.

Magistrates made a two-year supervision order.

Humphreys must also maintain a nightly curfew between 8pm and 6am for four months and he was ordered to pay 75 compensation to WPC MacKenzie and 50 to Cons Passey.