A SUSPECTED street dealer was caught in a police blitz.with £50,000 of class A drugs.

He was picked up on a Toxteth street at the start of an operation in which scores of houses across south Liverpool were raided by police.

Around 25 homes were targeted by police in a coordinated blitz on Toxteth and Dingle just after 7am today.

Other addresses were visited late yesterday.

In the operation which followed a year’s work, more than 200 officers met early this morning before being briefed on their targets.

By mid-morning 10 people were in custody being questioned, and police had seized substantial quantities of class A drugs from houses.

The alleged dealer was caught on a Toxteth street when police went for him last night. The drugs were allegedly found on him.

Supt Peter Costello, who oversaw the operation, said: “This operation is the culmination of 12 months’ investigation into the supply of class A drugs on the streets of south Liverpool.

“It has come from community intelligence and concerns about drug dealing. The community has come to us and told us what is going on and today they have seen our response.

“More activity will be going on throughout the day.”

Police said they will be out in force to make sure new dealers do not take the place of the ones they lock up.

Supt Costello said: “Those who mix in the drug community have seen what we can do today, and we will put all our resources into keeping drugs out of our neighbourhoods.

“Anyone thinking of slipping into a hole in the market should think again because we will come for them too.”

Anyone with information about dealing in their area should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.