A PRENTON man fears drivers risk being seriously injured or killed unless yellow lines are installed at the end of the road in which he lives.

Douglas Kell lives in St Stephen’s Road and has campaigned for the traffic calming measures to be introduced near to its junction with Waterpark Road for many years.

He said, because of parking restrictions already in place in nearby roads, local workers park close to the corner of St Stephen’s Road on a daily basis, making it dangerous for drivers attempting to turn into adjoining Waterpark Road.

Mr Kell, 47, who is unemployed through ill health, has tried to get the council to do something about the issue, but no avail.

He said: “There have not been any accidents so far, but we have had one or two near misses. I’m worried that someone will be injured one day. It just absolutely terrifies me.

“A few months ago, I asked the council to instal lines along the road towards the junction. They said no to this adding that the lines are ‘too expensive to police’.

They are not prepared to do anything about this until there is an accident.

“One thing I did try was putting notes on people’s cars, asking the owners not to park so close to the end of the road. But I found these screwed up and thrown all over the place.

“I’ve done all I can to try to get something done about this situation and can’t do anymore.

Apparently, it’s not illegal to park so close to the end of the road. It’s bad practice, but not illegal.”

Prenton Liberal Democrat councillor Ann Bridson supports Mr Kell’s campaign for yellow lines to be installed and agrees that his concerns need to be addressed.

She said: “The feeling is that something needs to be done about this. I fought for the lines’ installation in Norwood Road, which had a similar problem. Certainly, if Mr Kell contacts me again, I will do all I can to try to help.”

A Council spokesperson said: “We understand the resident’s concerns and are fully aware that parking issues can cause problems and frustration for residents and road users alike.

"Priority is given to resolving specific parking problems where a personal injury accident is likely and/or there is significant congestion caused by parked vehicles. In this respect we work very closely with Merseyside Police."

"The Council is in receipt of many similar requests, has a limited budget and needs to consider Wirral as a whole and must therefore identify the locations of greatest proven need.

"Council Officers are continuously engaged in identifying sites that may be of concern and advise residents with continued problems of parking obstructions to contact their local Merseyside Police Neighbourhood Inspector.”