Gallardo chassis, and now the Gallardo engine - is there any point in a Gallardo think

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The highly anticipated V10 powered version of Audi’s R8 will be officially revealed at the Detroit motor show in January, according to latest reports from the US.

Car and Driver magazine says the new variant will use a version of the Lambo Gallardo’s V10 making 520bhp with 398 lb-ft of torque, generating a performance increase to make the R8 a more credible player in the exotic sector.

Although the V8 version of the car will reportedly remain on Sale alongside the V10, there is speculation that it may be quietly dropped in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to spot V10 versions of the new model by its dual wide-mouth tailpipes (the R8 has quad pipes) and probably a unique wheel design.

The V10 launch comes ahead of the launch of the R8 Spyder, possibly slated for the Geneva motor show in March 2009 – with sales starting in the latter half of the year. Although rumours have abounded that the Spyder – whose name has yet to be officially confirmed – would be a targa-topped roadster, Car and Driver claims it will be a full convertible with a powered fabric roof. The design will also differ from the coupe by losing the carbon fibre ‘side blades’, the latest reports say.

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