About 4 months ago, I telephoned Sky to cancel... I don't watch much TV anymore, don't watch anything on any of the digital channels at all, spend a lot of time at the missus's, and have a TUTV box ready and waiting to take the place of my Sky+. So I guessed there was no value in me paying 21 per month or whatever it was to keep Sky, especially in these tough financial times for everyone.

Anyway, I was amazed to be offered 3.00 per month for 6 months. So I accepted, but waited a month for the bill to come to see if it was actually genuine (well you never know). Sure enough, it had been changed to 3.00 per month, and as I had moved to the new plan at the beginning of the next billing period, it put me in credit by 17 or so, and I didnt even have anything to pay the next month for my Sky TV or phoneline lol.

So I have enjoyed it for the past few months, but I phoned up to enquire about cancelling on the 10th January (wanted to keep the ease and reliability of Sky+ over Xmas you see). Anyway, they made me the same offer yet again, but for three months and only the entertainment mix this time.

So if you are a Sky customer and out of contract, especially if you have Sky Talk and/or Sky Broadband, then phone up and cancel and see if you get offered it. Make a nice excuse like you just dont watch digital TV channels anymore etc, or you can't afford the bill etc, and see what they say. The longer you have been with them and the more services you have, the more likely you will be to get the offer imho.

Give it a try; even if in the unfortunate event that they accept the cancellation request, there is no harm in crawling back to them and telling them you no longer want it cancelling a few days later (to save face, just say Virgin are arsing you about or summit along those lines lol).

Remember though, you will only have one mix with it, I chose the entertainment mix personally (last time I was allowed to keep all my mixes), but having said that I don't even remember the last time I watched (or indeed recorded) a non-FTA or non-FTV channel. So if you have loads of channels that you watch, it probably won't be worth it.

Im made up actually, as it means a few extra months of Sky Talk Landline, so keeps me away from SCUM (aka BT).

The guy said it was a standard retention deal they are doing atm and most people will be eligable for it. 17.00 value for 3.00 per month, means a nice 42.00 saving, or even 100.00+ in my case, after the next 3 months is up.

Oh and the tariff change is immediate, so you may well end up in credit before your next payment, the more money for Xmas, the better.

Tis nice of Sky to help people out during these tough economic times...