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Ron Dennis and McLaren could be plotting not one, but three new supercars to replace the Mercedes McLaren SLR – including a 60k ‘starter’ model aimed at kicking the Porsche 911 where it hurts.

The revelation that McLaren is planning a trio of new models comes from the good folk at Car, who claim to have had the story substantiated by a couple of sources.

The article says McLaren’s development plans – post SLR – include a major business expansion and three new models. The first is the widely reported P11 supercar aimed squarely the Ferrari 430, but this will be followed with another high-end model – perhaps with ‘Grand Touring’ aspirations – and then the £60k McLaren sportscar.

Recent appointments at McLaren appear to back a story like this. The company recently appointed top auto designer Frank Stephenson to design director, and Mazda UK’s former md Rob Lindley is now McLaren sales and marketing director.

It seems reasonable to surmise high profile appointments like this would not be needed for the P11 project alone, and McLaren has also recently advertised for composite technicians with experience of ‘high volume’ production.

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